June 16, 2024

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Survivor All Star – Vassalos: “A problem you don’t like will come up and leave”

Survivor All Star – Vassalos: “A problem you don’t like will come up and leave”

Survivor All-Star: Konstantinos Vassalos gave a different explanation for the departure of Stelios Hadambakis.

Constantinos Vassalos commented Thursday evening on his departure Stelios Handambakis from Survivor All-Star. The player explained that he believes the reason for his team-mate’s decision to leave was the revelation he made about Stavrola Cressidi.

Specifically, mr ex player to survivor They caught him continued She reveals to him that Stavrola is in love with him, which she tells him in confidence.

“Stelios’ departure is very strange, lies are bad. I don’t think that 15 minutes before the lines opened, he thought of leaving voluntarily, if he wanted to leave he would have done it a week earlier or a week later.”Al said Stelios Handambakis on Survivor Camera.

Then fill in: “Was he forced to put out a candidate? He was upset that all this was happening and he was upset that we would bring up an issue he didn’t like and didn’t want out of, so he met the council too? I don’t know. So, you’ve been patient for four months, but you’ve been nominated, And you’re worried that a topic you don’t like will open and you leave five minutes before the lines open? The story doesn’t get stuck anywhere.”

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