June 23, 2024

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Survivor: Gulekas 'drunk' and his tongue 'was loose' – 'Dallaka put me in the friend zone'

Survivor: Gulekas 'drunk' and his tongue 'was loose' – 'Dallaka put me in the friend zone'

They washed their bodies with tons of sweat, sprayed themselves with perfumes, and applied perfumes to them Survivors For the coveted reunion gig tonight on the survival show.

The big moment has arrived and the two teams meet with their eyes set on the final.

Before the wild night hosted by Sakis Rouvas and the formal meal, everyone gathered for a cocktail and thanks to the alcohol, it didn't take long for tongues to wag.

Giorgos Lianos harassed Todoris Goulikas about the bath he took with Katerina Dallaka without waiting for the revelation that broke out…

“With Katrina, we have very good chemistry in the flags. The fact is that he managed to put me in the friend zone since I went to do it…” the player started to say.

“Did you go make a move?” Giorgos Lianos was surprised.

Theodoris continued: “There is no relationship… He met me even before I introduced myself and said: We are like brothers.”

“I don’t want to know any more details because I think you drank half the cocktail and you were drunk,” Giorgos Lianos said, cutting off the conversation.

Twitter captured Golek's lips commenting that they fit in as a couple while scrutinizing everyone's looks.

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