April 19, 2024

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Survivor Spoiler 18-3: Did Giorgos Gulikas ask to leave?

Survivor Spoiler 18-3: Did Giorgos Gulikas ask to leave?

Scenarios give and take for Giorgos Giulekas after the team change on Survivor. What applies;

Survivor Spoiler 18-3: O Giorgos Goulikas He had his objections after changing the team to Survivor. His disagreement was clear. the George Lianos She couldn't change his mind. “Lamia – Olympic we…”.

Even with him Alexis Papa George Goulikas disagreed. On the other hand, Alexis talked about the psychological state and time the new team needs. At the same time, Gulekas said that if fighters have a good day, they won't be so lucky.

the Giorgos Goulikas He was clear in what he said. “We lost two finalists. “Vanies is a player, we are not discussing this, but Anastasia is also a player who can reach the final.” Famous. And it didn't stop there. Saying that it's not just the players who left, but also the players who came.

the George Lianos I tried to explain how Nicholas Gifts It's a possible addition, but Gulekas didn't mince words. His point of view was specific and unchangeable. Whatever it is for her Caterina Dalacca And in the same group he saw everything black.

Survivor Spoiler 18-3: Exit scenarios…

Giorgos Goulikas was upset by the changes. He also criticized the production of his game sky. “Are we going to change teams every week?”

In fact, he was so surprised that when he thought that in the first game, which his team lost 12-4, Stavrula did not play and was shocked! Which makes sense. This was enough to announce exit scenarios.

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Let's be clear: not even! the Giorgos Goulikas He thinks it will go far in Survivor 2024. And he thinks so. It's not going anywhere.

In addition, no players participated in any team matches. Whether the former or these..

What happened between George Goulikas and George Llanos