June 23, 2024

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Survivor Survivor: Huge bonus coming for single player

Survivor Survivor: Huge bonus coming for single player

A huge prize will be awarded next time on Survivor.

Survivor spoiler: You have entered the final stage Survivor The heights of suspense have now reached the final six.

Salaries may be different compared to previous years, which can be seen The astronomical amount earned by Caterina DalaccaBut what we did not see was the awarding of big prizes.

the Agun Iligali It seemed like he was saving it for the final days of the survival program SkyeBecause in two weeks it looks like a huge prize will be awarded to the player.

This is a car that someone will win through a completely different competition…one that has never been run before this year.

No, players will not enter the battlefield, but they will play a game of knowledge with their mothers.

In particular, each player will be asked some questions and the answers must match those given by their mothers. The person who has the most in common will win this grand prize.

Survivor Spoiler: See more details below…

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