May 18, 2024

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Sweden: Young men killed a 39-year-old in front of his child – Citizens outraged by out-of-control violence

Sweden: Young men killed a 39-year-old in front of his child – Citizens outraged by out-of-control violence

Sweden is at the mercy of a foreign gang war, as a nightmare of violence reaches unprecedented levels to control the drug trade. The latest victim is a 39-year-old father who was killed in cold blood by young men while taking his son to the pool. The extreme situation is evidenced by the fact that for a few months the army has taken over guarding crowded places and roads, while criminals are recruiting underage children into gangs.

The murder of a Polish father in front of his daughter at the hands of perpetrators shocked the region Skarholmen Stockholm.

As mentioned before DespairThe victim's brother-in-law: “They were passing by here on their bikes on their way to the swimming pool. There were four or five young men standing and screaming. He stopped or turned back and they shot him in the face.”

The child asked for help, and according to him, there was a verbal altercation before the shooting.

Residing in Stockholm Ismail Al-Asakli Al-Hakimi“He tried to protect (his son) from these young men who were involved in the situation here. They have nothing to do, nothing to hope for, and no role models,” he said.

The country's Prime Minister shared the pain and anger of the residents who gathered at the site of the killing Ulf Kristersson He stressed: “We will do everything we can to stop these killers who are destroying the lives of many people.”

Even now, juvenile offenders evade arrest.

Sweden: Youths kill a 39-year-old in front of his child – citizens angry at out-of-control violence

Student and resident of Stockholm, Crown“This was the third attack in one month,” he said. “Residents who have lived here for 20 years or more say they do not recognize the neighborhood they live in.”

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Criminal organizations fighting for control of the drug market in Sweden are recruiting minors as young as 12 because they are not subject to prosecution.

the Austin MarpleOne Stockholm resident stated: “Now I'm afraid. Sometimes on the subway you ask them to lift their feet off the seat so you can sit down. But now I will never do that.”

Social insecurity and juvenile crime cause rifts in Swedish paradise as the case of three girls who reported escaping an abusive home is investigated.

from direction Richard VedderAn SVT reporter reported: “In this area south of Milroad, the three teenage girls arrived on foot on Saturday night. The girls knocked on a family's door and asked for help, saying they were being held against their will.”

Young women have been in demand since the beginning of time.

Edited by: Cristina Poboro

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