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Sweetwaters: ‘My legs were cut off’ – Policeman shocked to find Caroline dead – Newsbaum – News

Sweetwaters: ‘My legs were cut off’ – Policeman shocked to find Caroline dead – Newsbaum – News

Shocked by the words of the police officer who first came to Glyka Nera’s house! Caroline Crouchs has passed away With little Lydia on her. The Warden Christos VertigosBesides being the first to see the scene of the crime, he is also the one who takes little Lydia in his arms.

His explanations The scene where they entered the house They are creepy. “We entered through the basement window, where a shutter was removed and something on the floor immediately created thoughts. We saw the dog’s house on the ground floor. We saw dog poop from where the small house used to be to the stairs. As I turned my head to the left, I saw the dog hanging from the railing. On the ground floor. The harness was hanging from the first floor. They rang a bell there saying that if we went up there would be no good. From the top floor we heard a male voice shouting “help”. We go to the first floor, there was a mess, we cleaned the premises, then went upstairs. The door was half open, and as you came you faced the bed. Directly there was a dead woman lying face down. We went in, and above her was a child, kneeling with her hands on her mother. Under the bed to the left was the accused bound. If we did not dispose of him at once he would die. The first film he gave us. After we freed him, I tackled the girl. I took the baby from her. He immediately sat on the bed and mourned. He asked me for the baby, but he made some bad moves and I took it back from him. He said at the beginning.

About her Bobby’s behavior Anagnostopoulou It impressed them: “Bad theater for the first few seconds. A type of lamentation with failure. He didn’t believe it. That was the incident that brought me to my knees. The child was the problem. It took me a few minutes to recover. For the first time in my 21 years of life I could not send wirelessly. Other colleagues were cool and reserved. “He did it,” the colleague said, and I cursed him. I couldn’t even think about such a thing. When everything is done and we go outside we have to recall the details we noticed in the scene and the feeling we got from the space. We made the point he made, but it’s one thing to say it and another thing to prove it.”

The point is, no, where What bothered him the most was the image of the child He was touching his dead mother. “For me it was an emotional breakdown at the time. My knees were cut. I had to stay awake day and night thinking about it to get over it.”

As to whether he wished to meet her today, after all this he himself, visibly moved and bewildered, replied: “I’d love to, but I don’t know if I can. They showed me some pictures of her and she’s fine, she looks like she’s in good hands.”

The pilot tries to “break” the lifetime

Accused Babis Anagnostopulos Despite the evidence that “burns” him, he tries through his lawyer to “break” the life sentences with his claims at the trial.

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According to him, During this time his wife was murdered And not premeditated. “I accept the accusations, but the first incident was not described in the justification of the decision. There is an error. I am ashamed of these actions and did not want to harm my wife in any way. I have no benefit. Everything I loved was lost that day. I am ashamed and hate myself at that moment. I told everyone. A big “sorry”, said the pilot.

But the evidence points to it The scene of the crime and the behavior of the husband killer were strangeAs he was very cool.

Testimony of Warden and Policeman who were first on the spot

“The commander took out the paper to plan the area. The defendant did. He had this calmness. I asked him where they came from, and he took us and showed us. A widower doesn’t do these things. Not once did he say, “What’s wrong with me, I’m ruined.” He did it. I’ve been saying that ever since. I was in the elevator and I said to him, “Dude did it,” and then he says to me, “If we don’t have proof, we can’t do anything. “It’s better to take out the guilty than an innocent”. She never shed a tear. We gave him a discount saying he was a pilot and could keep his cool. Accused was a very good actor. When I came in he made me feel like he was going to die in five seconds if he didn’t untie the strap. It was true. No. He’d be dead before I could tell. His breathing was so labored. Filed Warden.

The police officer The person who was found at the scene was the first to report the characteristics: “I was shocked to see the child’s figure. I can’t even send it wirelessly. Then the accused behaved inappropriately. My colleagues untied the accused, who sat on the bed and began to beat the deceased saying “Caroline, my dear”. We were asked to leave as it was a crime scene. He asked for the baby and I gave it to him. Then he started making some bad moves. As she mourns with the infant. We politely took it from him and asked him to leave as it was a crime scene.

In fact, he mentioned it They were impressed by Babis Anagnostopoulos’ calmness. “He told us that three men were robbed with pistols. As the colleague who solved it informed me, the collar was tight under the nose and loose above. We went down and saw that the animal was hanging there. There was no reaction from the accused. As if he did not see. It passed and did not touch. His We were impressed by the silence. There was a gentleness. I would ask a relative to bring the child for examination and he would say, “Not yet, I’ll get it soon.” On my own impulse, I gave him my cell phone to pick up his parents. As soon as we got down, my assistant said, ‘He He did that.’

Autopsy report on Caroline’s torture death

As stated therein Medical Examiner Haido Spiliopoulo testified, Caroline Crouch’s death was caused by asphyxiation. yes, Her face was so swollen she was barely recognizableAs he characteristically said, it meant that the killer applied more pressure and longer periods of time.

“Death occurred at about 6 minutes after 4 am. Within 3-4 minutes the brain starts to collapse. Otherwise, the victim will have to struggle for a long time to react. will shout I don’t believe she screamed, the whole neighborhood would have heard her. I immediately concluded that death was suffocation. Her passport was so swollen that she couldn’t recognize it. “His eyes were bleeding.”The expert insisted.

It is noteworthy that he had said in his first testimony Caroline was killed in her sleepAs this was also seen in the data from the smartwatch she was wearing, she was in a calm state at the time, while her heart rate increased during her dive.

Based on these data, Defense of Femicide It seeks to disprove the allegation that the victim was asleep and to prove that she was awake at that time and argued with the accused.

Anagnostopoulos was “blasted” by Caroline’s neighbor and friend.

The Caroline and the pilot’s neighborHe lives next door to the couple, he said He heard the noise and the cry of the dog But not Caroline.

“The only sound I heard at 4:20 was the dog crying and footsteps coming up the stairs. I thought animals would fight. Babis is very quiet, and he talks about his wife in the third person. I wondered if he had taken the anesthetic box or if he was confused. I thought something was wrong. He was so cool, he had no emotions. He had come home and never talked to me about Caroline. I texted him “Caroline will always be in my heart” and he didn’t respond. Caroline had been depressed for the past few months and had neglected herself. It is clear that she is not happy with her life. They showed a happy couple but in reality there was a restriction by the accused. Caroline was struggling and she didn’t go to university. The 20-year-old had money “only in the afternoon” when her husband was at home. He lived in a golden cage.”testified.

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A Caroline’s best friend Speaking to ANT1, he said that even though two years have passed since the murder of his dear friend, he is unable to cope with his loss. At the same time, he was asked what the pilot was saying.

“I only had my girlfriend in mind. It will be two years in two days from today. The only feeling I have is the sadness of losing her. Her loss is great for me.”he said.

He also commented Anagnostopoulos declares himself a widowThe woman typically responded: “He killed her, he didn’t lose her. It’s a traumatic event that will always stay with me. I still can’t accept that he left in such a cruel way,” she said.

Among other things, he further noted Caroline’s unfortunate little dog. “I don’t think Roxy will ever be forgotten. The way she “left” was horrible. Roxy was a 7-month-old puppy when she was hanged. The death was slow and painful. I hope justice is served for the dog’s death,” he said.

The testimony of the pilot’s parents was “catalytic.”

The Attorney for Babis AnagnostopoulosSpeaking to ANT1, he stressed that the investigation will prove that the crime was committed in the heat of a mental impulse. They can “break” for life The first event was imposed on him by the end.

According to the pilot’s defense lawyer, police officers were checked, but Many contradictions were heard. “The autopsy showed that Carolyn was not murdered in her sleep. During that time steps and movements were recorded on his smartwatch. He argued.

In fact, he insisted The pilot’s parents will be witnesses and their testimony will be crucial in the case. “We need to clarify what happened in the case. The essence does not change, his punishment must remain. The problem is a correct assessment of the facts.”

Finally, according to the medical examiner, the attorney said Carroll’s heart rate was elevated prior to the murder. The pacer was recorded at 3:58 and the kill at 4:11He said. There was definitely tension there. Their intensity is about the child”He reported and pointed out that “Want to see where it came from” Fighting and finally killing.

“Repentance and forgiveness are very small things before what he did.” He concluded by saying.

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