February 20, 2024

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Switch sales reach 132.46 million, bringing Nintendo nearly $74 billion – Nintendo

Switch sales reach 132.46 million, bringing Nintendo nearly $74 billion – Nintendo

Nintendo sold 2.93 million Switch consoles in the second fiscal quarter of the year, leading the overall sales for the popular gaming console Up to 132.46 million.

The Japanese company expects the sales mark to exceed 140 million by March 2024, which may indicate that signs of market fatigue for Nintendo’s console have not yet appeared, at least not to a significant degree. 2024 marks the eighth fiscal year the Switch has been on the market. Despite this extended time period – a console’s life cycle is typically closer to 7 years – the Nintendo Switch’s sales performance has still been excellent.

In the fiscal second quarter of 2024 (FY24), which ended on September 30, Nintendo Switch shipments totaled 132.46 million (both launch model, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED). Separately, sales were 90.83 million for the base model, 21.92 million for the Switch Lite, and 19.71 million for the Switch OLED.

Lifetime Nintendo Switch Shipping 2.png

During this time period, Nintendo’s revenues reached About 74 billion dollars ($73.9 billion to be exact) from March 2017 to September 2023. It is worth noting that in this seven-year period to consumers (Nintendo’s eighth fiscal year as you can see in the charts), the Japanese company sold 1.133 billion games.

Nintendo Switch lifetime revenue 2.png

“Considering sales allocated to our video game console business, sales of hardware and software units for Nintendo Switch have increased year over year. The largest share of hardware sales corresponding to Nintendo Switch – the OLED model, which also has the highest price, contributed to our sales increasing in total by 736.7 billion Yen, an increase of 16.7% compared to last year,” we read in the company’s announcement of the results of the second fiscal quarter.

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Lifetime Nintendo Switch shipments.png

It’s worth noting the popularity of the Switch OLED model at this point. This has been the best-selling model for 7 straight quarters, and Nintendo points out that the Switch OLED model’s margins are lower than other models, so more OLED sales mean less profit in comparison.

Nintendo Switch lifetime revenue.png

Nintendo hopes Switch shipments will reach 15 million units during fiscal year 2024. Therefore, the company estimates that total shipments will exceed 140 million units by March 2024, which would put the Switch just 14 million units away from becoming the company’s most successful game. Console (Nintendo DS sold 154 million).

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