May 22, 2024

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Sydney: Profile of the priest who was stabbed – what he had to say about same-sex marriage in Greece

Sydney: Profile of the priest who was stabbed – what he had to say about same-sex marriage in Greece

Another attack, this time against a priest, occurred again in Sydney.

The priest was preaching at the Church of the Good Shepherd, in the Weakley area, western Sydney, on Monday afternoon (local time), when a stranger carrying a knife suddenly approached him at the altar and stabbed him several times.

Bishop Mar Mary Emmanuel was stabbed along with a number of believers. The attack occurred at the Church of Christ the Good Shepherd and was recorded live.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is the leader of an ultra-conservative branch of the Assyrian Orthodox community, with a large social media presence, and is known for his extreme anti-gay views and stance on the coronavirus vaccine.

In fact, he also posted a video about same-sex marriage in Greece, in which he says that a “Christian country with a rich Christian history for centuries” has succumbed to pressure from “external forces” and that most governments have been formed. From leftists and atheists who do not want to hear the name of Christ, because they have Satan in them.

In July 2021, he described lockdown restrictions as “mass slavery”.. He said the risks posed by Covid-19 were exaggerated and that vaccines were unnecessary because people's natural immune systems would fight the virus. He rejected advice from the government, scientists and medical professionals.

He broadcasts his services live on social media, where he has about 17,000 followers who follow his “fiery” sermons and sermons. In fact, a crowd of his followers gathered outside the church and attempted to execute the attacker while he was in police custody.

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According to the website of the Church of Christ the Good Shepherd, Emmanuel traveled to different parts of the world to teach the Bible, including in Arizona, USA, in December and in the Gaza Strip a few weeks ago.

The injured, according to what the police announced, are men aged 60, 50, 30 and 20, while their injuries are not serious. The perpetrator was arrested, and according to the police, he is “cooperating with the authorities.”