July 14, 2024

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Tarisland: Download the all-new WoW-flavored MMO for free! (video)

Tarisland: Download the all-new WoW-flavored MMO for free!  (video)

A brand new MMO RPG with a strong flavour World of Warcraft Ha Blizzard. It’s about Taryslanda free game from Tencentwhich has just been released and is available for download.

It is a “classic” fantasy MMO, with Tencent stating that it is a non-pay-to-win game that instead focuses on entertainment for players.

In fact, the company revealed that from time to time it will enrich Tarisland with new content, with new quests, dungeons and maps to explore. It is worth noting that apart from PC, you will also be able to download it on your smartphone, where cross-play and cross-progression are supported. This means that if you choose to play on PC and your friends choose to play on their smartphones, you will be able to play together without any problem.

Tarisland offers 9 classes at the moment, from Paladin, Warrior and Priest as well as Shadow Swordsman and Phantom Necro, while in addition to dungeons with bosses and such, it also has PvE endgame content for fans, as well as raids with up to 10 players. As for those looking for PvP, there’s also World of Warcraft Arena.

Download the game on your PC, iPhone or Android device by clicking here.

Tarisland has already been released and you can watch the final trailer for it through the player which you will find below.

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