April 18, 2024

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Tasty Steve and James Chen revealed as commentators for Street Fighter 6

Tasty Steve and James Chen revealed as commentators for Street Fighter 6

Capcom just revealed two new in-game commentators that will appear in Street Fighter 6: Steve “Tasty Steve” Scott and James Chen.

These two will join fellow English-speaking commentator Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez as well as Japanese game commentator Aru. Check out the reveal trailer below.

This was revealed on the Evo 2022 Street Fighter 6 commentator panel on Friday night. After only a few minutes of introductions, the committee addressed the fact that there were a few empty chairs on the podium. They proceeded to wrap the trailer to reveal both Chen and Scott before welcoming them to join them.

Chen noted that this is largely in line with his longstanding dream of becoming an animated voice actor, but he went on to express that this particular project might be better.

Here in the trailer you can hear some clips that we’ll be hearing while playing Street Fighter 6 (there’s an option to turn off in-game commentary if you’d like). And yes, you know James Chen’s trademark “Will you kill?” It is definitely included.

Time will tell if Capcom plans to add any additional commentators to Street Fighter 6 ahead of its launch sometime next year for PlayStation 4/5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. One has to wonder if additional languages ​​will be offered or not. More Japanese commentators.

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Let us know what you think of this reveal. Whose voice are you most eager to hear while playing SF6?