February 20, 2024

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Tax evasion: living for a long time with a declared income of less than 10,000 euros

Tax evasion: living for a long time with a declared income of less than 10,000 euros

More than 20,000 taxpayers will be invited tax office At the beginning of 2024, as after the big crossover 3.8 million Purchase tax With an income of less than 10,000 euros, the discrepancies between… he won And Expenses.

The identified taxpayers will have to provide explanations to the tax office, its sources say Ministry of Finance Which Tax administration It is impossible to live on, for example, 250,000 per year and declare an income of 10,000 euros.

Based on reportsAt this stage the Tax Administration requested more data from banking institutions, as the discrepancies recorded in some cases were striking. For example, taxpayers have been identified even with zero income, who, based on bank statements, show high expenditure through cardsand at the same time they also have great Money transfers In accounts held abroad.

After additional checks are completed, some taxpayers will be notified of a check sheet (it is impossible to issue 20,000 check orders) and some will be asked to prove the absence Tax violations.

Those who fail will face audits for five years, while stipulated taxes and fines will be imposed in cases of concealment of taxable items.

Significant discrepancies between income and expenses were revealed by examining 3.8 million Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) with income up to €10,000.

As mentioned by the AADE leader J. Pitsilis, a total of 80 million data were transmitted across 3.8 million tax returns for 2022 with an annual family income of up to €10,000. A total of 440,000 taxpayers with discrepancies were identified, of which 420,000 had minor discrepancies and could be audited in a second stage.

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By comparing reported incomes with the costs of living, as recorded electronically, AADE aims to identify those who are hiding their true incomes.

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In particular, data from Bank account movements, card payments, electricity bills, mobile phone But also a series of information about different payments, which are compared to the incomes declared by the taxpayer.

AADE: €1 billion revenue from fines in 2024

It is noteworthy that during the coming period Addy We will move forward with an agreement with foreign financial organizations such as Revolut and PayPal. This is where the authorities consider it possible that a potential portion of hidden taxable items may be located in the above-mentioned “portfolios”.

Another element explaining the significant concealment of taxable items arises from declared income and consumption expenditures. According to the data, the total declared income of natural persons in the AADE amounts to 84 billion euros, while the final consumption expenditure of households based on ELSTAT data is higher by about 40 billion euros. However, tourism revenue should also be included in this amount.