May 21, 2024

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Tempe: Lost Car on Mercantile Train

Tempe: Lost Car on Mercantile Train

An important revelation about the accident in Tempe. Two of the relatives, Mr. Konstantinidis and Mr. Iliopoulos went to the Larissa Appellate Examiner and filed a supplemental technical report by expert Vassilis Kokotsakis. There is one item in this report that, if indeed confirmed, would be a bombshell. Incredible as it may seem, there are signs of a lost carriage of a commercial train!

Tempe: Embezzlement charges against Agorastos dropped

As he mentioned Dasula Papanikolaou in an exclusive report for the Star's flagship news bulletinIn addition Mr. Kokotsakis' Technical Report, It was delivered today to Larissa's appeals examiner, EIt is noteworthy that the commercial train had 14 wagons and not 13 as officially stated.In other words, there is one more wagon in the number!

Apocalypse Star: A video with a representation of the crash in Tempe

Where was this wagon? As the Star reporter said, the three open platforms were containers carrying sheet metal, meaning they were of the closed type.

Until now we could not find out why, according to new evidence, the answer is because it exploded and was destroyed by fire! This development raises new questions. If indeed another wagon was missing, why was it not reported? What is the load of this wagon?

Analysis for chemical substance

This element should be tested as thoroughly as xylene. The Star reporter said that there is an important detail about this material. SAccording to analyzes by the State General Chemistry, it was found to be 95% pure. What does this mean; Some place that has atofio.

Tempi: Apocalypse for the Marking of the Point

Xylene – as has been proven so far – is suspected to be the main cause of the problem, not silicone oil. Mr. Konstantinidis and Mr. Iliopoulos submitted a memorandum to the appellate investigator asking for an additional prosecution for possible premeditated murder, when they say our country has been required to follow national security laws since 2019, but they have not.

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