July 14, 2024

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Temperature record in cars – they bake cakes on the dashboard at 100 degrees Celsius

Temperature record in cars – they bake cakes on the dashboard at 100 degrees Celsius

High summer temperatures can turn your car into a greenhouse, with the cabin feeling like an oven.

Summer is here, and with it they come High temperatures test drivers’ endurancewhich can cause Symptoms reminiscent of poisoningBut also for cars where it is affected. Engine performance And the Gearbox operation.

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But perhaps the main problem is Temperatures that develop in the car cabinEspecially when under the blazing sun. Various studies have shown that the cabin temperature, with the windows closed, can jump from 25°C to 71°C in just 10 minutes of exposure to the sun, and continues to rise gradually, while at the same time the steering wheel and panels, due to their dark color, can reach At temperatures up to 100+°C, it is sufficient High enough to cause severe burns.

This is also why in many countries around the world Hundreds of deaths from heat stroke are recorded every year. For children and elderly people left alone in parked cars.

what mentioned before They came to emphasize in a more amusing way the fact that some of the guards From Saguaro National Park in Arizona.

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They decided to show how quickly the temperature inside a car exposed to the sun could rise, Place two pieces of banana bread dough on your car dashboard.Which they left in the sun for a few hours.

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temperature on dashboard It exceeded 93 degrees Celsius within an hour and reached 100 degrees after three hours.that is, as much as the boiling point of water!

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After all that Bread can be baked, Even if the result is a little more “doughy” than it should be, experts recommend heating banana bread to 180 degrees to bring out its full flavor. In fact, the guards suggested that interested people who want to conduct similar experiments, make cookies, which are thinner.

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Our experience is another reminder of that. The temperature inside a parked car, especially on hot days, can become dangerously high.not just for food but also for pets, children and anything else we might leave inside.

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