May 21, 2024

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The abusive relationship between the spouses that spread 9 years ago because of a dress

The abusive relationship between the spouses that spread 9 years ago because of a dress

In 2015 Picture of a blue/black/white/gold dress It caused a frenzy on social media and made netizens and even A-list celebrities like Justin Beiber And the Kim kardashian To wonder what color they see.

The couple behind the dress, o Kerr Johnston And his wife Grace Johnston They became famous, gaining media attention around the world and in interviews on major American television talk shows described the story behind the #dress that the mother of the bride wore to her wedding.

In fact, on the Ellen DeGeneres show where they were, they were gifted $10,000 and a luxury trip to… Grenada.

Nine years laterthe couple once again occupied the media and the Internet, but this time not with a new hoax or optical illusion.

As The Independent reported, Keir Johnston pleaded guilty to attempting to murder his wife by strangling her.

Kerr (38 years old) appeared before the Supreme Court in Glasgow on Thursday, where he pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife, and the court decided to detain him in pretrial detention until his trial scheduled for June 6.

In fact, it was not an isolated incident, but he himself had a history of domestic violence towards her.

The Record reported that prosecutor Chris McIntosh told Judge Lady Drummond and the jury how Grace lived in fear of her abusive husband. He added: “There is no permanent police presence on the island, and she was in a situation where she felt trapped.”

In one violent incident, Mrs. Johnston once refused her husband’s request not to attend a job interview. Days later he told her he was leaving her, before the couple got into an argument where Johnston grabbed his wife and threw her to the ground.

“Johnston woke up and said he was going to leave her. She ran out of the house to prevent him from leaving, so he followed her and threw her to the ground,” McIntosh said, according to The Record.

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“He put her knees in her hands so she couldn’t move. He then started choking her with both hands. She was initially able to scream and was in fear for her life and thought Johnston intended to kill her because he was so strong.”

According to the Register, Lady Drummond refused Johnston bail and detained him.

She repeatedly choked her, injured her and put her life in danger in circumstances that were absolutely terrifying to her. “I am afraid, Mr. Johnston, that your situation has now changed. You have been convicted of a very serious crime and will be remanded in custody,” were the judge’s words to the accused.

It is not clear whether the Johnstons separated after the incident.

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