November 28, 2023

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The champions received their rings for the 2023 tournament

The champions received their rings for the 2023 tournament


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The wait is over for the champion Nuggets, who in their 2023/24 season opener against the Lakers secured their 2023 championship rings.

The 2023/24 NBA season has started like every season. With the champions getting their rings at the premiere. The reason is the Denver Nuggets, who before the game against the Lakers (119-107 win) received the rings of winning last year’s championship and then watched the banner rise on the roof of their stadium.

Last season was incredible. We have a ring. Want another one? “Let’s go get it.” Nuggets coach Mike Malone said during the ceremony, and Aaron Gordon added, ““It is fitting that since last season ended in Denver, this season begins in Denver.”

In conclusion, Malone said it all in a few words: “What we said in preparation is that we all have to understand that we now have a target on our back every night. We are world champions. With success comes the responsibility to get down to the floor and give it our all every night.”

Watch the beautiful ceremony:

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