July 14, 2024

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The Chinese have done their miracle, withdrawing the technology that eliminates gasoline and diesel

The Chinese have done their miracle, withdrawing the technology that eliminates gasoline and diesel

The WeLion semi-solid battery is growing in popularity, promising to put an end to the worry about battery life.

A solution to one of the major drawbacks Electric carsWhich discourages a large section of drivers from giving a vote of confidence to some technological vehicles, and it seems that the Chinese company Beijing WeLion New Energy Technology.

This is her problem Limited autonomy Which most electric cars have, forcing drivers to look for it impatiently charging stations, So that they can recharge their car battery and be able to continue their journey.

“antitoxin” It seems to be posing Semi-solid battery (semi-solid state) of Beijing WeLion’s new energy technology containing energy Capacity 150 kWh It promises that it could give electric cars up to Range 1000 km With one charge.

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Thickening support of the large Chinese automobile industry Newfor him May 2024 The company was able to market to overall vehicle manufacturers 482.9 megawatt-hours of batteries30.9% more than the previous month.

According to Chinese media, the increase in the use of Beijing Wellion battery new energy technology by local manufacturers demonstrates their determination to integrate modern systems into their vehicles that will ensure the highest possible number of kilometers on a single charge and thus make the vehicles a particularly attractive fit for the consuming public.

Solid state batteries (i.e. solid electrolyte) are taken into account A better choice than lithium-ion batteries (electrolyte in the form of a gel, i.e. liquid) which today constitutes the prevailing technology.

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Some advantages of solid-state batteries over lithium-ion batteries are that they have… Smaller dimensions and weight, higher energy density, They charge faster, have a lower risk of fire and require less materials resulting in up to a 39% reduction in environmental impact.

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Niu et al7
New ET7

So far no complete solid state battery has been available on the market.

Instead, batteries are currently being produced Semi-solid state (like those found in WeLion), where the electrolyte carries a combination of solid and liquid elements, which according to experts also improve the performance of batteries.

The WeLion semi-solid battery stole the spotlight in 2021 when Nio unveiled the Sedan “ET7” While in April 2024, at a ceremony held in Nanjing, the two companies celebrated the International Day together Mass production Of the mentioned power batteries. In fact, Nio’s ET7 recently covered 1,046 kilometers without needing to charge. -Read more here.

Other Chinese automakers that have switched to this particular type of battery are the group GAC And the im motors, While the use of solid state batteries also seems to be a positive thing Sherya Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer with a large export business.

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