July 14, 2024

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The darkest part of Phidias that Morphou Cathedral is proud of!!! (Video) – Makeleio.gr

The darkest part of Phidias that Morphou Cathedral is proud of!!!  (Video) – Makeleio.gr

Necrophilia. A virtual burial, a dark scene on the verge of Satanism for Phidias, Elon Musk’s (Elon Mook) 3-month-long lover who longs to embrace the modern Strek of Deep Space… in a scene of absolute rage against Anglo-Saxon idealism. Hajj is normal… the custodian… with the billionaire oligarch… whose company planted Neuralink in a human brain…

Phidias Yes, Phidias is buried with shovels and bulldozers in a pit after he was previously placed in a coffin with special specifications in a scene that goes beyond even this context of funny videos. He spent 10 days in a coffin! Buried “Hypochthonic”…

A nice role model for the youth of Cyprus and Europe….because he is influential too

The day before yesterday, Cyprus stepped down with a footstep more dramatic than the extremism of Phidias.

Another one made of 0 says self-made, he had no party mechanisms…did he have others? Which he launched as a satellite…. Musk is the general manager and head of technology development for the space technology company SpaceX and also the president of X Corporation.

Phidias is the son of a Morphou parish priest, so the video was immediately uploaded with the title “Speech of the new MEP, Mr Phidias Panagiotou” on the Morphou Diocese page.

Father Kyprianos Panagiotou from the Church of Saints Cyprianos and Justin of the Menikos community in the Morphou metropolitan area talks with his son Phidias (03.21.2024) on the Metropolis of Morphou page…while Phidias was entering the European elections…

The question is…

Do Bishop Morphou, Neophytos (who gently reminded him of his candidacy), and the simple Levite in the area, Father Kyprianos, who took the lead in his son’s election campaign and in the election celebrations, know the blackness, the darkness? The dark side of Phidias’ work? Or is it falling from the clouds?
Metropolitan Morpheus: “Eurovision is the image of Europe today whose mind has been given over to the devil, so why should we watch the devil’s celebrations?” They can affect us too..” This dark part of Phidias is not similar or even worse than what happens at Eurovision..?

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And blood, coffins, and dead makeup, and they buried him in a deep hole like bulldozers and shovels of the dead. How could he not win, “It is his time”…

It doesn’t get any more systematic… nor does it get any more politically correct…

The question is not whether Phidias will save Cyprus, but who……. He will save Phidias.

Do we want this Generation F?

Or are the children playing… and everything is fine?

“The Phidias Panagiotou phenomenon in Cyprus.” But phenomena are usually deceptive.

Censorship of the article on Facebook

What is scissors, what is the editing tool, all the accessories are there…

The Middle Ages…and history repeats itself in the form of a farce

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