February 26, 2024

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“The Dirty Dozen” from Davos

“The Dirty Dozen” from Davos

Dictators, blackmailers, thugs and “political outcasts” are on the guest list Davos. Politico lists the “Dirty Dozen.”

Political and business leaders have already begun arriving at the Swiss ski resort. Davosl World Economic Forum.

The theme of this year's conference is “Rebuilding trust”. This is a topical issue given the electoral contests expected during the year, including the European elections in June and the presidential elections in the United States of America in the fall.

“Despite the small presence of Russian oligarchs at the World Economic Forum, since Moscow declared war on Ukraine in February 2022, and Donald Trump has been busy with his election campaign, There are still plenty of tyrants, thugs, blackmailers, right-wing extremists, “merchants of misery” and “political outcasts” on Davos’ guest list.reports in his publication POLITICO.

“Davos' dirty scores”

  • Javier Melay, President of Argentina

known as “Trump Argentina”Javier Millay has it all: rabid supporters, television stints, “anarcho-capitalist” and “liberal” politics, and… an unforgettable hairstyle, Politico notes.

It's about to Patron of DavosFor years, he has been attending the forum, at a time when his disastrous political views began to become reality, after his election as president of the second largest economy in South America.

The question now is how far Millay will go in fulfilling his campaign promises to cut public services and government spending, close the Argentine central bank, and abandon the peso.

  • Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Mohammed bin Salman is rumored to make his first appearance at the World Economic Forum this year, accompanied by a large entourage of senior Saudi officials.

This is the latest round of rehabilitation and washing of the authoritarian leader of a country with a long history of violating human rights, while according to US intelligence services, He was the one who ordered the brutal murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal KhashoggiInside the Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, 2018.

  • Jared Kushner, founder of Affinity Partners

This is the man more likely than anyone else at the forum to connect with Donald Trump, perhaps the future president of the United States. He is 43 years old Married to Ivanka Trump He served as a senior advisor to the former president during his term, and used his stay in the White House to build his career, especially in the Middle East.

His own stock company, Convergence PartnersIt is largely funded by Gulf countries. This includes a $2 billion investment from the Saudi Public Investment Fundled by bin Salman – which, coincidentally, went ahead despite the objections of the crown prince’s own advisors.

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Kushner's development The relationship with Mohammed bin Salman During Donald Trump's term, which raised strong suspicions of a conflict of interest, especially when the then US president refused to convict the Saudi leader of the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, even though the CIA concluded that he was directly involved.

  • Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan

“What does an authoritarian leader do with a breakaway state within his own borders? He takes advantage of the fact that Russia's attention is elsewhere, along with the European Union's thirst for natural gas, to blitz, take control, expel problematic indigenous people, and imprison any 'bad' journalists – Then call early elections, to take advantage of the newly awakened patriotism, of course.“, writes Politico.

According to the post, Governing Azerbaijan is a family business for the Aliyev family Ilham assumed power after the death of his father, Heydar Aliyev, a former KGB officer who ruled the country for decades. Aliyev Jr. changed Azerbaijan's constitution to pave the way for the next generation of his family to come to power – and in addition, he appointed his wife to the position of vice president.

  • Li Xiang, Prime Minister of China

Li Xiang is the right-hand man of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who will represent the country at the World Economic Forum.

Lee became famous for being efficient but strict Close They were imposed across Shanghai for weeks during the coronavirus pandemic, trapping more than 25 million people in their homes as many struggled to find food, care for their animals or seek medical help — sending the city's economy into a tailspin, Politico reports.

According to the same publication He is trying to “wash” China's policy towards the Uyghurs, A predominantly Muslim minority, which China accuses of detaining in concentration camps and subjecting them to torture, ill-treatment and slavery.

  • Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

Paul Kagame, also known as “Napoleon of Africa” It is often hailed as the greatest success story in modern African history. But he is also a dictator.

The former army officer changed Rwanda's constitution to remove “inappropriate” maximum term limits and consolidate his position of power by suppressing protests. It is clear that despite accusations of imprisonment, exile and torture of Rwandan dissidents and journalists, Kagame has managed to remain in the “good books” in the West – and on the Davos guest list.

  • Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia

Slovakia does not seem to be able to “escape” from Robert Vitzo.

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He was forced to leave office in 2018 due to mass protests that followed the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kusnirova, Fico rose from his political ashes to become Prime Minister of Slovakia for the fourth time At the end of last year.

It is noteworthy that the Slovak justice system continues to investigate a number of… organized crime cases, It dates back to the last time his party, Samir, was in power, which includes oligarchs who allegedly benefited from state contracts, former senior police officers, and senior military intelligence officers, as well as MPs from all three parties in Vizzo's new coalition government.

  • Katalin Novak, President of Hungary

Katalin Novak, President of Hungary elected in 2022 hard mission”. She was sent to Davos to raise the flag of the EU pariah state.

One would think that Novak, given her background, would be a women's rights pioneer trying to inspire women. But actually it comes down to that The mouthpiece of social conservatismMany see her as a champion of the international movement against abortion, equality and feminism.

Her thoughts on salary gap However, genders are the ones that should receive attention in the male-dominated World Economic Forum. In an infamous video posted in late 2020, Novak said:

“Don't think that women should be competing with men all the time. Don't think that every moment of our lives should be spent comparing ourselves to men, that we should at least be working in the same position, at least for the same pay as them.”

  • Hun Manet, Prime Minister of Cambodia

Cambodia's new Western-educated prime minister has been touted in some circles as a potential candidate Update And reformer.

However, it is nothing more than “a repeat of the same old history,” as Politico points out. After he inherited his position from his fatherHun Manet, who ruled the country for a long time, has shown no sign of wanting to reform or modernize Cambodia.

Some argue that it is too early to judge Manet, but many do Absolute strength characteristics From his father still exist, such as the suppression of opposition, strange elections, bribery and nepotism.

  • Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar

“How did a small kingdom with a population of 2.6 million in the Arabian Gulf manage to get involved in so many explosive scandals?”Politics asks.

There are accusations of influence peddling that led to the resignation of several members of the European Parliament (European Parliament).Qatar portal), accusations of lobbying by two Republicans close to him Trump card And allegations about Sports washThat is, Qatar's attempt to use sports to distract attention from the country's controversial human rights record.

And of course concerns about If emirate officials learn of impending attacks by Hamas In Israeli territory, on October 7, 2023, where Qatar is the largest financial sponsor of the organization.

One would think that these kinds of accusations would make the world's top officials avoid contact with the Prime Minister of Qatar. On the contrary, just a few days ago the US Secretary of State said, Anthony Blinken He met with the leader of Qatar and told him that the United States was as well “Very grateful for the tireless work you did to free the hostages.”

  • Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

Duda is not a dictator and has not invaded any neighboring country.

But as the last member of Poland's nationalist Law and Justice party to leave power last year, Duda is fighting with all his might for his political survivalHe did everything in his power to block the plans of Donald Tusk's government, using his veto power and supporting the convicted MPs.

  • Amin Nasser, CEO of Aramco

Amin Nasser is its director The largest energy company in the worldIt is also the state oil and gas company of Saudi Arabia. The reason for her Aramco.

If one reads Aramco's press releases, one would assume it is the global champion to move into green energy. But this is far from the case, as Politico points out:

It is said that Aramco One of the best pollutants, With environmental NGO, ClientEarth, reported to be responsible for more than 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions since 1965. It should be noted that Nasser previously stated that against Of opinion that “Countries must either shut down or significantly slow fossil fuel production due to the climate crisis.”

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