May 22, 2024

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The “distinctive” shark that caught the attention of experts: speculation about the marks it acquired (video)

The “distinctive” shark that caught the attention of experts: speculation about the marks it acquired (video)

The “tagged” shark has succeeded in arousing the interest of experts. Footage taken by an underwater cinematographer highlights the marks on the shark's body.

In the depths of the ocean where most roam Terrible creatures Nature, one Great white sharknow known as “Scars“, stands out as evidence of survival and resilience. The SharksBearing signs of countless underwater skirmishes, it was spotted near the Neptune Islands in… South Australia In 2021. Plans »marked“, shot by underwater cinematographer Dean Sprackman, shows a shark whose body is decorated with wounds and bite marks, attesting to a life spent in constant combat. The material, which is distinguished by its stark depiction of survival in the marine world, has sparked widespread speculation about the origin of Shark signs.

Initially, there were many theories about the source of his scars.marked“, with speculation ranging from mating bites and encounters with boat propellers to encounters with other sharks and even scratches on coral reefs. However, as more observations were made, a more interesting theory emerged, according to which these scars were the result of collisions with one of the ocean's most dangerous inhabitants. Ambiguous: Huge squid.

Dean Sprackman, an experienced diver and cinematographer brought “marked“In the global spotlight, he made a crucial contribution to the development of this theory. Based on the patterns and nature of the scarring, along with anecdotal evidence of similar markings observed on other sharks, Sprackman suggests that Great white sharks You may fight fierce battles with Giant squid Outside the continental shelf.

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Signsmarked» Telling a story of survival in the face of remarkable odds, highlighting the harsh reality of life beneath the waves.