May 22, 2024

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The electrician wants diesel!

The electrician wants diesel!

sacrilege; Whatever the case, we must admit to him that the car, especially the electric one, is not a faith…

Mate Rimac is preparing its new supercar that will also use oil to produce electricity.

the RimacThe leading and well-known company in the field of electricity For the powerful Nievera supercar with a power of 1,914 horsepower The company is considering a revolutionary shift away from battery-powered cars alone.

Matej Rimak, the company's founder, revealed that they are investigating an innovative technology that can It uses liquid fuel such as diesel To generate electricity, which could change the course of their next supercar.

In an interview with Rimac He hinted at the evolving direction of the brand, stressing that Rimac is not just committing to electrification, but is focusing on what is most exciting at the moment. They are currently investigating Possibility of using nanotubes As a new energy source for vehicles.

Includes the proposed concept The high temperature of different “chemically different” liquid fuels. To produce electricity, which will serve as an alternative to the traditional battery in the electric propulsion system.

Fuel like liquefied petroleum gasHydrogen and diesel are among the elements being considered to power this pioneering device.

the Rimac He pointed out that the initial tests were conducted by a startup company that is experimenting with this technology It showed promising results, This represents a thermal efficiency rate of about 80%, a significant jump compared to the average efficiency of internal combustion engines of 30%.

Although pollutants are produced, including carbon dioxide and other gases, Much lower than emissions from conventional internal combustion engines.

The effects of this technological leap extend beyond the brandand will likely transform the automotive industry as a whole.

specially, Rimac He suggested that this innovation could revolutionize sports cars, Offering great weight loss benefits And healthier distribution to the masses by removing traditional electric batteries from the drive system.

As his colleague Rimac In a sign of the huge potential of this program, the industry is eagerly awaiting what will happen It could be a leap forward Which will change the data.

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