April 13, 2024

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The “Eye of the Desert”, which some associate with Atlantis

The “Eye of the Desert”, which some associate with Atlantis

In Mauritania, on the Adrar Plateau in the Sahara, an impressive and mysterious geological phenomenon arouses the interest of scientists and attracts the attention of astronauts.

What's called “Desert Eye” the “Structure of quills“, is a crater with a diameter of 40-50 kilometers and numerous concentric circles (basically circular hills). It is perfectly visible neither from a drone nor from an airplane.

It can only be seen through a satellite in space and resembles a crater on the moon.


Pictured above is Mauritania from space during the International Space Station mission (the “Eye of the Desert” can be seen). In the bottom image, the geological phenomenon is identified on the map. Image sources: Wikimediatextcommons And Wikimediatextcommons

The presence of the “Desert Eye“It has been known for centuries among local nomadic tribes. It was first photographed in the 1960s by the programme's astronauts twin. However, scientists are unable to definitively confirm when and how it was created.

Initially, geologists thought it was the result of a meteorite impact, but this account was rejected. It is estimated to have appeared hundreds of millions of years ago, while another popular theory is that it is linked to the lost Atlantis.

In any case, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Africa that arouses awe and admiration in every observer. In fact, it has been selected as one of 100 geological heritage sites by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).

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Theories about the origin of the “eye”

According to NASA's Earth Observatory, “Desert Eye“It is believed to be a high dome (or”The convex line is domedAccording to geologists, it consists of igneous and sedimentary rocks that predate the appearance of life on Earth.

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Although initially mistaken as a possible impact crater, it is now known to be an eroded circular anticline of layered sedimentary rock. In other words, it is a huge structural dome given to us by nature“Meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu says in his post.

It is believed that the “Eye of the Desert” is a high dome composed of igneous and sedimentary rocks. Image source: Wikimediatextcommons

The prevailing theory states that “Structure of quills“It was created when The supercontinent Pangea It began to disintegrate, about 200 million years ago, and the result was that Africa was cut off from South America.

It is very likely that intense subterranean volcanic activity pushed the Earth upward through magma, thus forming the “eye.”

Finally, the most common but most extreme theory claims that “Desert Eye“They are the remains of Atlantis, arguing that there are similarities with Plato's descriptions in his dialogues.”Timaeus” And “Cash“.

Many reject this view as a conspiracy theory. No historical researcher has yet been able to link Atlantis to any island in the Mediterranean or Atlantic Ocean.

What is certain is that the Lost Atlantis remains one of the most popular mysteries in history, with various myths, theories and scientific research coming to light over the years.

in addition to, “Desert Eye“It is not threatened by human activity, but by climate change, which is causing more desertification in the region. Experts predict that strong winds in the desert will create more sand dunes, and in the distant future Al Ain will be covered with sand and dust.

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Watch a short and interesting video below History Channel for “Desert EyeAnd Atlantis:

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With information from: NASA Earth Observatory, Thought Company And ZME Sciences

Main image source: Wikimediatextcommons

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