June 25, 2024

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The family owned huge wealth without knowing it

The family owned huge wealth without knowing it

when Emil Jelinek Apply to DMG (Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft) In the early twentieth century the car to be built Exactly to specifications What he was asking for was born Mercedes 35 hpthe first model by name Mercedes.

It turns out it was The best decision Which could ever happen DaimlerThe automobile industry that existed Before the establishment of Mercedes-Benz As we know it today. Cars that have since been manufactured together Style, character, strength and reliability.

From 1902 onwards, it was… dmg Make it permanent “Mercedes” In all its models, before the automobile industry was finally established Mercedes Benz In 1926.

In the same year, Daimler I presented to her Simplean identical model to the first, only with 40 hp. Its engineers worked feverishly to develop it even more End of 1902the Mercedes simplex 60 hp He was The most powerful model Which the company had been manufacturing until then.

the Four cylinders Which you quoted has tremendous potential in 9.25 litres Innovative architecture at that time. It has almost reached its maximum speed 130 km/hwhich made it One of the fastest Cars of that time. Its sales moved just as quickly.

In total, 102 units It was built between 1902 and 1905 Only five They have survived to this day. The first to leave the factory is – and perhaps will remain forever – V Mercedes Benz Museum. In fact, it was purchased and used by him Emil Jelinek.

last Mercedes simplex 60 hp She is the one in front of us now in the pictures. Publisher Qutb, Mr Alfred C. W. Harmsworth Distant bought it 1902 He kept it until the day he died, two decades later.

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His 12-year-old son inherited the car and in turn passed it on to his descendants After about 65 years. Between 1987 and 2024, Mercedes simplex It had only two owners.

In short this Mercedes simplex 60 hpone of the models that shaped its history Mercedes BenzIt remained in the possession of the same family for a period About 122 years old. In fact, their owners didn't even know its value.

car recently, Sold for $11 million And this is what happened The most expensive antique (Any car before 1930) ever sold auction.

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