June 25, 2024

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The famous Instagram photographer was an AI scam

The famous Instagram photographer was an AI scam

famous “photographer” of Instagramwho has amassed nearly 30,000 followers, admitted that the photos she posted exist Producer of artificial intelligence software (AI).

the Joss Avery They began to publish wonderful books “the pictures” from him October 2022 And in the photo caption he even wrote which camera he “used” for the photos mentioned (Nikon D810 with 24-70mm lens).

Avery told Ars Technica he set out to do so “con the world”saying, “People who wear makeup in pictures say that? What about plastic surgery? Every commercial fashion image has a heavy dose of photo-shopping, including celebrities on magazine covers.”

“probably Over 95% of followers didn’t realize it. “I would like to clarify things,” he added.

My original goal was to trick the public into submitting them artificial intelligence Then write an article about it. But now it has become an artistic vehicle for me.”

Avery explained that he’s created nearly 180 of his posts 14,000 photos in the artificial intelligence program, Medjourney. “I create about 85 images to come up with a ‘useful image,'” he described.

Then it processes the image Adobe Lightroom and l Photo shopwhich he says, “still makes him an artist.”

“It takes an enormous amount of effort to take some AI-generated element and create something that looks as if it was captured by a photographer. The creative process is still in the hands of the artist or photographer, not the computer.” , I finish.

Some Joss Avery photos:

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