April 24, 2024

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The first gameplay footage of the amazing Dune: Awakening MMO!

The first gameplay footage of the amazing Dune: Awakening MMO!

In fulfillment of its promise and on the occasion of the premiere of the new film, the development team Funcom The first gameplay footage has just been revealed Dune: Awakening MMO The game he is preparing for.

In particular, the studio held its first Dune: Awakening Direct, where several members of the development team talked about the experience they are preparing, while also showing gameplay footage. In fact, as part of the presentation, we also saw two separate videos, a trailer that invites players to survive in the harsh conditions of the planet Arrakis, as well as a clip explaining how the team drew on the source material for the books.

Regarding the trailer, although it is short, it offers many gameplay aspects. For example, we get a taste of exploration and the magnificent landscape of Arrakis, where huge worms spread terror. At the same time, survival elements are introduced, such as resource gathering and base building, and we see the tour in action with different vehicles, snippets of set pieces, battle scenes, stealth gameplay, and much more.

Below you can watch the two videos in question, as well as the entire Dune: Awakening Direct, in which the developers talk more about the game. Unfortunately, its release date is still unknown, but a Steam page has been posted to add it to your wishlist, while those interested can sign up for the upcoming beta By clicking here.

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