May 25, 2024

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The “godfather of artificial intelligence” resigned from Google to warn of its “risks”

The “godfather of artificial intelligence” resigned from Google to warn of its “risks”

the Jeffrey Hintonwhich has been described as o “Godfather of Artificial Intelligence”confirmed that he left his role at Google a few days ago to talk about the “risks” of the technology he helped develop.

Hinton’s pioneering work on neural networks He shaped the artificial intelligence systems that power many of today’s products.

He worked part-time at Google for ten years on the tech giant’s artificial intelligence development effort, but has since grown to have concerns about the technology and his role in its development.

I console myself with the usual excuse: If I didn’t do it, someone else wouldHinton told The New York Times, which first reported his decision.

In a Twitter post, Hinton announced that he had left Google To be able to speak freely about the dangers of AI And not because he specifically wanted to criticize Google.

the Jeff Deansaid Hinton, Google’s chief scientist “made fundamental breakthroughs in artificial intelligence” and expressed appreciation for Hinton’s “ten years of contributions to Google”.

We remain committed to a responsible approach to artificial intelligence. We are constantly learning to understand emerging risks while innovating boldlyDean said in a statement to CNN.

Answers “strikes” against the AI

Hinton’s decision comes as a growing number of lawmakers, advocacy groups and technology experts sound the alarm the potential for new AI chatbots to spread misinformation and take down jobs;

In March, some prominent tech figures signed a letter asking AI labs to stop training the most powerful AI systems for at least six months, citing “Profound dangers to society and humanity.”

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In his interview with The Times, Hinton reiterated his fears that artificial intelligence could eliminate jobs and create a world in which there are too many people. “They will no longer be able to tell what is real. He also noted the astonishing rate of progression, which far exceeds what he and others had predicted.

The idea that this thing could actually become smarter than humans – few people believed it. But most of them thought it was too far. I also thought it was too far. I thought it was 30 to 50 or more years away. Obviously, I don’t believe it anymoreHinton said in the interview.

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