February 26, 2024

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The HYDRA frigate in the Red Sea is equipped with an anti-drone system

The HYDRA frigate in the Red Sea is equipped with an anti-drone system

The countdown has begun for the departure of the frigate “Hydra” from the Salamis Naval Station, heading to the Red Sea. Armed with an electronic warfare system and an anti-drone system, the ship sinks.

By Christos Mazanitis

There are two frigates nominated to go to the Red Sea to join the international “Guardian of Prosperity” force with the aim of guarding the sea route from attacks by the Houthis, “Hydra” and “Bifara”.

According to information from enikos.gr, after finding an important spare part, The HYDRA Frigate is the ship qualified for the mission.

In fact, frantic preparations are being made so that the frigate can not only carry out its mission, but also be able to handle even severe attack scenarios that saturate the defense and self-protection systems.

enikos.gr information indicates that it was completed a few days ago Testing of electronic warfare suite as well as anti-drone self-defense system.

The system has been tested in several challenging scenarios and has successfully adapted, creating an impenetrable dome of protection – especially against drone threats within a two-kilometre radius.

Hydra frigate

The striking thing is that The system is a development product of a Greek companywhich he gives to the Navy, after he managed to “lock” all the ranges in which the drone can operate.

Testing was carried out with part of the system mounted on a tripod before finally finding a place on the ship's mast.

According to information from enikos.gr, The PN officers who evaluated the system were completely satisfied with its performance.

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Hydra frigate

Some time ago, another electronic system was installed – as can be seen in the exclusive photo published by enikos.gr – but they were not particularly happy with it, because it did not adequately cover countermeasures for incoming threats.

In addition, the frigate will carry its own organic helicopter, the Aegean Hawk, as well as a drone helicopter, which will carry out reconnaissance operations.

Already in the international operations center of the “Prosperity Guardian” established in Bahrain, there is a naval officer who constantly reports on the prevailing situation and conditions to which the frigate crew will be called upon.

Hydra frigate