July 14, 2024

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The island that will become the next Antiparos saw a surge in arrivals in June.

The island that will become the next Antiparos saw a surge in arrivals in June.

When we see an outside tribute to an island, our reaction is no longer, “Wow, look how cool that is.” After hearing and learning about Problems in the islands With overtourism, we face a dilemma, a question of whether we should worry or take it easy.

If the tribute is for her Mykonosparos, the SantoriniNaxos, you come and go, they are big islands, they are used to hordes of tourists, they listen more to Athens to ensure assistance, all is well. However, if we are talking about a small island like Lipsi, which is a group of islands, with a large island mainly and a few small islands in its vicinity, the concern is great and reasonable.

We who write a lot about islands always wonder if we are doing a good or bad job. In any case, Le Figaro has now devoted an article to Lesbos, in which it talks about “dozens of strange islands that look like paper cutouts and have an unreal beauty that visitors fall in love with.”

There are also statements by the mayor, Mr. Fotis Mangou, that alleviate the concerns, as he explains that Lipsi has become a model of water sufficiency despite the water shortage conditions prevailing at the general Greek level.

The natural environment and respect for the local population are at the heart of Lipsi’s promotional campaign, with the island having a remote control system for the water supply to detect leaks, check energy performance and record consumption. In a few weeks, the water supply network will be extended by 8 kilometres, a move that will ensure that every household on the island has enough drinking water.

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These measures have reduced unnecessary use and waste of water, with consumption falling by a factor of two while at the same time freeing up a quantity for use in agricultural production.

The island has been at a historic peak over the past two years, which is also reflected in the increased number of arrivals in June, compared to 2023, which was a very strong summer and led to an extension of the tourist season.

The municipality of Leipzio has gone ahead with its original measures to promote the island, especially to Greek tourists, even recruiting singers, with the mayor participating by playing his guitar and singing as well.

For many, the island is the Antiparos of the Dodecanese, however, it is autonomous, since there are routes from Piraeus where the ferry takes just over 9 hours, and this character highlights that one shop is enough to increase the pleasure and satisfy you Bars And snack bars.