April 19, 2024

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The Israeli Defense Cabinet meeting is “chaotic” and the ministers verbally attack the Chief of Staff

The Israeli Defense Cabinet meeting is “chaotic” and the ministers verbally attack the Chief of Staff

About three months after its appearance The war between Israel and Hamasprevailed And the atmosphere of extreme tension between the Chief of the Israeli General Staff, General Hershey Halevy, and the far-right ministers This was during an expanded meeting of the Israeli government last Thursday, according to reports in the Israeli press.

The ministers strongly criticized the general after he announced that he would form a committee to investigate the military errors that allowed the sudden and unprecedented attack launched by the military arm of Hamas on the southern sectors of Israeli territory on October 7.

The meeting ended, late in the evening, with “noisy” and “information” of the participantsAccording to Israeli media reported yesterday.

According to what was reported by the state-run Kan radio. A source who attended the meeting described how “absolute chaos” reigned.

After all that, Prime Minister Netanyahu adjourned the sessionWhere her future was supposed to be discussed Gaza strip After the war, the officers left in discontent, according to media reports, which have not been officially confirmed.

General Halevy received severe verbal attacks on his personnel. Far-right members of the government criticized the timing of the investigation because the war was still ongoingIt was also broadcast by the German agency and reported by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency. The choice of the person to lead the investigation, former Defense Minister Saul Mofaz, also sparked strong criticism.

When Mofaz was Defense Minister, he oversaw the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005. At least two ministers in the current government, who belong to the extreme right, favor establishing new Jewish settlements in the Palestinian Strip and displacing them. Encouraging “immigration,” as they put it, of most of its population.

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The army supports an investigation into the errors that made the October 7 attack possible by Hamas.

Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said Friday night that investigating the armed forces' wrongdoing in this case, as in other cases, is the right thing to do. He explained that the army must learn from its mistakes.

He stressed that the investigation is still being planned and has not yet begun. It will reportedly be an internal investigation, where former officials will also be asked to provide answers. According to army spokesman Hagari, the result of the investigation will be announced.

last Thursday, Defense Minister Yoav Galland It rejected “the presence of Israeli citizens in the Gaza Strip” after the end of the war.

Benny Gantz, a member of Israel's wartime government – and a former chief of staff himself – reportedly blamed Prime Minister Netanyahu for this “politically motivated attack” “in the midst of war”, stressing that he had never seen such situations before. in Israel. Cabinet meeting.

Netanyahu's Likud Party rejected his criticism.

In addition, Mr. Gantz, whose party would take first place if elections were held this time, according to opinion polls, defended General Halevy's decision to form a committee, according to Israeli media. He stated that this is a correct initiative and a good development, and stressed that it is the duty of the Chief of General Staff to seek responsibility after the October 7 disaster.

The Times of Israel speculated that the army's review of its errors and omissions could put pressure on the government to investigate its own mistakes in the case, which it estimated may have been among the reasons for the ministers' attacks.

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Mr. Netanyahu, who is expected to stand trial in three corruption cases over the years, does not want to conduct such an investigation until after the war in the Gaza Strip ends.

Critics of the right-wing prime minister believe his intention is to prolong the war in order to remain in power.