May 22, 2024

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The latest Windows 11 update has a serious problem

The latest Windows 11 update has a serious problem

at recent days Microsoft The update has started rolling outKB5036893For all computers with Windows 11. In theory, this is the standard April security update, which should not cause any problems, since the tech giant releases such updates on a regular basis. However, the latest Windows 11 update has brought a very serious problem to an operating system feature that many are using.

Update It causes problems with VPNs that no longer workif they use TPM certificates.

According to the first reports contained in RedditWindows displays a message saying: “Certificate not found” Every time the user tries to connect to the internet via VPN for security and privacy. The issue has been confirmed by Microsoft itself, which warned that VPN connections may actually stop working after the Windows 11 April 2024 update. The company notes that it has begun investigating user reports and intends to offer a solution through some upcoming updates.

Right now, the only option is to uninstall the update if anyone wants to continue using their VPN. This should also be noted The April update seems to be problematic overallBecause there are also reports on Reddit that it unjustifiably increases CPU usage, making computers slower. Meanwhile, after installing the update, many users are also facing issues with Microsoft’s popular email management software, Outlook.

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