May 21, 2024

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The 'liquid gold' that could provide solutions to treat multiple sclerosis: what scientists say

The 'liquid gold' that could provide solutions to treat multiple sclerosis: what scientists say

As the MS treatment landscape continues to evolve, driven by breakthrough innovations, a sense of optimism pervades the medical community.

A wonderful discovery caught her attention Medical communitythe Researchers They may have come up with a solution that will change the landscape of her treatment Multiple sclerosis. experimental drug, CNM-Au8which is injected Gold nanocrystalshas emerged as a beacon of hope, demonstrating convincing efficacy in alleviating symptoms Multiple sclerosis During clinical trials.

the CNM-Au8developed by Clin Nanomedicine in South Carolinarepresents a revolutionary approach to its treatment Multiple sclerosis. This “catalytically active” liquid formulation has the unique ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, facilitating enhanced… Cellular energy and restoration of neurological function, according to findings presented by University of Sydney doctors during the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting in April 2024.

Phase II clinical trials in which they participated 78 patients Who suffers from recurrence Multiple sclerosisIt revealed a series of promising results. The participants who received the liquid gold suspension showed a noticeable improvement in their condition, surpassing the achievements of previous experiments and causing a wave of optimism in the medical community.

Traditionally, its treatments Multiple sclerosis It is about reducing inflammation, which is the hallmark of the disease. However, a subset of patients, with a condition called repetitive activity-independent progression, still experience debilitating symptoms despite the absence of overt inflammation. This therapeutic impasse highlights the urgent need for new therapies capable of addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by multiple sclerosis.

In the main clinical trial, conducted over three years, two-thirds of participants received gold injection therapy, while the remaining third received a placebo. Despite the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, which halted enrollment efforts, the trial yielded promising results that offer a glimmer of hope for people navigating the treacherous terrain of multiple sclerosis.

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