February 20, 2024

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The Minion lit up – the first of the amazing images

The Minion lit up – the first of the amazing images

The historic property that houses the store continuedand is currently being developed by Requests, “came to life” again. The renovated bioclimatic building was illuminated to participate in the festive decoration of the capital.

A few months before the completion of the project that will breathe new life into the wider Omonia area, the emblematic building of Patision, Ferranzaro, Duros and Satofriandos streets, which “carries” years of memories, has been illuminated, providing brightness and joy to its residents and visitors to the city.
The lighting study aims to highlight the new architecture of the facades and create a night landmark in the center of Athens, with environmental responsibility for energy consumption and light pollution.

Every part of the building facade consumes as much energy as a conventional home air conditioner!

In this new, now modern building, special, specially designed, LED lighting systems with a rich spectrum (CRI 90) were used for the best color performance. At the same time, precise optical control of the lenses was carried out so that the light spreads towards the building facades and not towards the sky or neighboring properties.

The aim was for the visual impact of the MINION Night Vision to be in line with sustainability, achieving impressively low consumption. The total installed lighting power was recorded below LEED requirements (2.2 W/m2), while a special sensor was installed, which will turn off the facade lighting when there is sufficient natural light. It is striking that every part of the building’s facade consumes as much energy as a traditional home air conditioner!

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Although the lighting of the Minion coincides with the holiday season, it must be maintained to become the permanent illumination of the building and an integral part of the new image of Athens throughout the year.

Through renovations like this, we bring life back to the neighborhood, create the cities we want to live in, and revitalize iconic buildings and areas that need to be restored to their glory.

A modern, bioclimatic building in the “heart” of Athens
At the end of 2024, Minion will return to the forefront of life of Athenians and the capital, as a modern multi-use bioclimatic building. In its new form, as developed by DIMAND, it will host offices and shops, while housing will be created in an independent building on Doros and Satovriandos Streets.

MINION ownership “lives again” as a modern, environmentally friendly project, with a low carbon footprint and consumption. Apart from being a symbolic building that has remained closed for 25 years, it is the link between Omonia Square and the Patission axis, and its main landmark is the Archaeological Museum.
The new “green” building, with specifications based on the LEED Sustainable Development standards system, aims to obtain high gold level certification. It was designed to have a high level of thermal insulation, sound insulation and shading, in addition to lighting systems that will operate according to the movement of its users. In addition, water consumption will be reduced, in accordance with international water conservation standards.

With its reopening, after nearly three decades of absence from the life of Athens, Minion returns with a new image, contributing significantly to the revival of the city center.

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Project development: Demand
General finishing contractor: VITAEL
Electronic/Smart Study: Camarinos Architects
Lighting study: Danilov studio