May 22, 2024

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The most dangerous woman in the Middle East?

The most dangerous woman in the Middle East?

When a nominally democratic government chooses a woman who is proud of her racism and the ruins of Gaza as Minister of Equality, stability will seem an unknown word in the Middle East.

Mai Golan, an unassuming girl from the slums of south Tel Aviv, has impressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for years.

Although he failed to introduce her into the Israeli diplomatic corps, he did manage to give her the social equality portfolio in Israel in 2022.

But why is he considered a more extreme figure, perhaps more so than Bezalel Smotrich or Itamar Ben Gvir, strengthening the camp of extreme racists in Israel?

The international community recently froze when residents of the Golan in January expressed their indifference to the destruction of Gaza.

She expressed how proud she was of the “ruins” of the besieged Gaza Strip, adding that every Palestinian child in the future “will tell his grandchildren what the Jews did.”

Golan in 2021.

She said in her speech before the Knesset: “I am personally proud of the monuments of Gaza and that every child, even 80 years from now, will tell his grandchildren about what the Jews did.”

Golan denounced the idea of ​​a Palestinian state, and added, “No dove, no olive branch, only a sword to cut off Shinwar's head. This is what he will get from us.”

Shortly before that, in December 2023, he said he would like to see “the bodies of terrorists around Gaza.”

“…I don’t care about Gaza, I literally don’t care about it. Although all I care about is that they can just go out and swim in the sea,” Golan said in an interview with an Israeli TV channel. Such statements amount to Ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity.

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“I only care about three things. The first thing is that I care about our soldiers, our beloved soldiers, who risk their lives every day for the State of Israel.”

She may claim to care about soldiers, but she does Announce She feels “ashamed” that she avoided conscription, but “proud” that she did so to take care of her mother. So the rest of the young Israeli women serving don't have mothers to take care of them?

Golan attracted international attention when she strongly supported President Donald Trump while publicly expressing her distaste for African immigrants in Israel. She was even so outspoken and unrepentant that she insisted: “If I'm a racist to save my life, then I'm proud to be a racist.”

Her positions are considered so extreme that when Benjamin Netanyahu tried to appoint her in charge of the Israeli consulate in New York, American and Israeli diplomats rose up against her.

“We will condemn this kind of rhetoric,” warned Vedant Patil, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to Golan’s statements. Former US ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, said that if the appointment was finalized, the American Jewish community would view it as “a sign of complete disrespect.”

Angry Israeli diplomats on the Golan

Several former senior diplomats have been deployed to the Israeli Foreign Ministry statement With whom they strongly disagreed with her appointment to the consulate.

They added, “Golan's appointment is shameful because she is a racist and divisive figure, which is exactly the opposite of what Israel needs in such a critical place.”

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He commented, “Jolan is an intelligent and ambitious woman with big dreams.” condition Haaretz Ronnie Mulcahy.

He added, “The fact that a consul was not appointed should teach her a lesson. It is possible that the fact that she did not live an easy life, as she said, is what explains her combative nature. But today he is in a different place, the place he dreamed of. He is a minister in the Israeli government and he must He understands the importance of the position and the great responsibility it entails, as she is the one who steers the ship and chooses the direction in which it sails.”

One wonders, if the “non-democratic” theocratic regimes in the Middle East are responsible for all the ills in the region, what has become of the only “democracy” in the Middle East, which produces leaders with ideologies that no one can imagine? What would he find in the German Nazi Party of the 1930s?