May 22, 2024

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The most famous Greek island “fell” very much in 2023 and has been visible since the summer

The most famous Greek island “fell” very much in 2023 and has been visible since the summer

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2023 has been an impressive year Travel What Greeks did abroad and the amounts they spent, according to the data he published Hellenic Statistical AuthorityBut even more impressive are tourism revenues, with the islands dominating, but one island, the most popular, recording a decline.

Regarding Greeks' trips abroad, it is typical for the volume of expenditures to exceed €2 billion for the first time after 2019, when we had a record year with expenditures of €2.74 billion.

Thus, in 2023, Greeks spent 2.46 billion euros on their trips abroad, with an increase compared to 2022 of just over 500 million and compared to 2021 more than doubled (more than 1.3 billion euros), a distance justified by the pandemic.

December was a very popular month for Greeks, with spending reaching 229.2 million euros, also up by the same percentage compared to 2022 and 2021.

4 record years in tourism revenues in 2023, the island witnessed a decline

The most impressive things are the revenues, i.e. income from tourism. In 2023, these amounts reached 20.46 billion euros, raising the figure by 15.7% compared to 2022 (17.43 billion euros) and by about 90% compared to 2021 (10.5 billion).

Although the three summer months are always the most popular and Every island It recorded a record high during this period, and the income from tourism in December was not small (344.2 million euros), increasing by about 101 and 158 million compared to the years 2022 and 2021. This increase corresponds to an increase in tourism traffic of about 30% more than in 2022!

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Out of 20.46 billion, 18.91 corresponds to the sales volume of accommodation and restaurants

With 18.91 billion euros in sales volume of accommodation and restaurants in 2023, with Zakynthos, Halkidiki and the island of Mykonos And her island Santorini For the most notable increase over their previous performance in accommodation, Mykonos saw a drop of more than 8 points in catering turnover, which was to be expected given the picture it had over the summer. Despite its small size, Santorini has also been experiencing a decline.