October 4, 2023

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The new rumor about the upcoming Mass Effect game will please many fans

The new rumor about the upcoming Mass Effect game will please many fans

new Mass effect It was first announced in December 2020. However, after a short initial trailer hosted by The Game Awards, it was announced that BioWare She kept a suspicious silence, revealing nothing new, except for a poster released in November 2021, to celebrate N7 Day.

Now, a very interesting new detail about the project has emerged from a very reliable source. Windows Central reporter Jez Corden talks about a rumor circulating in the gaming industry behind the scenes in his latest episode Xbox Two podcast to. Specifically, speaking of the unfair, in his opinion, way many have judged Bethesda’s Starfield, Jez emphasized that the new Mass Effect wouldn’t similarly try something completely new, but would instead return to BioWare’s roots.

In more detail, the reporter confirmed:

I’ve heard that Mass Effect will ditch the open world and go back to its classic formula. I’m not 100% sure this is accurate, but it’s a rumor I’ve heard in the industry.

It seems, then, that BioWare intends to delight die-hard fans of the series ever since It intends to abandon the open world structure that brought Andromeda to the foreGoing back to the formula of the first games which were much more linear experiences.

For the record, the events of Mass Effect 4, as many have reported, are expected to take place again in the Milky Way, where the community believes that the beloved protagonist of the original Mass Effect trilogy, Commander Shepard, will also star in the new chapter of the Mass Effect series. 4. THE SERIES Or at least we’ll be seeing many of the characters we loved in the first games again.

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