April 18, 2024

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The official presentation of Buckaboo’s renewal and competitors

The official presentation of Buckaboo’s renewal and competitors


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With a two-year contract and total earnings of €2.5m, Olympiacos is trying to lure Cedric Bakabou to renew his contract.

Negotiations between Olympiacos and Cedric Bacapo For a lengthy discussion of their future cooperation.

The Red and Whites have long expressed their intention to keep their Congolese top scorer in Piraeus for the next two years, spoke behind the scenes with his agent and explored the intentions as SPORT24 wrote several times, but now they have gone a step further, trying to close the case positively.

Olympiakos’ bid includes a renewal until summer 2025 and a total profit of €2.5m. It’s a proposal they hope will satisfy the footballer’s demands and keep him in Greece.

In fact, Piraeus intends to finish the case very quickly so that it does not drag on in time and that is why they “run it” regardless of the coach’s case.

At the same time, of course, Bakaboo also received proposals from Spanish and French national teams, which increases the competition and the degree of difficulty of the effort, but without excluding anything. Anyway, Bakapo has already been linked to the Greek club.

An Arab team also contacted its agent, only the Congolese striker gives priority to the environment, and prefers Europe over money.

In the event that negotiations are not successful, Olympiacos will need to look for two fourth graders, always side by side with what will happen with Youssef El Arabi.

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