May 18, 2024

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The question about LGBTQI people is what “provoked” Iatropoulos on air

The question about LGBTQI people is what “provoked” Iatropoulos on air

On a morning TV show “I saw you in the morning” The actor was found today, Wednesday (4/17). michalis Iatropoulos, Who talked about his acting career and his next career steps.

At some point in the discussion with presenters Fotis Sergolopoulos and Jenny Militas, The actor was summoned to explain his previous statements, which were judged to be homophobic, He also described gay men in an offensive manner.

“Let me ask you Michael, you said earlier that you are making a film about the abuse of women. Things have changed, in recent years things have been done for women, and for men and women of the same sex, a bill has also been passed. Do you regret things you may have said or done with people in the past that may have upset you?“, He asked specifically Fotis Sergolopoulos.

“I'll tell you something, I talked about it once 2008 in Triantafilopoulos show, I said that just as there are people who teach us and raise us and are more masculine than men, homosexuals, there is also something called “provocative”, She described them as somewhat inelegant. But because I am a popular person and I express myself in this way and often forget that I am on television, I am not saying that it escaped me. I meant this description of some provocative people, that is, they have bad behavior.” The actor answered initially, when the broadcasters asked himWhat exactly does he mean by “provocative” and what is “bad behavior” to explain, “When the other person talks to you with disrespect and I understand it wrong.”

Then he mentioned that In the past he often defended gay people In his neighborhood in Thessaloniki, he even says how “He was playing with wood so they wouldn’t be upset.”

At that time it was fashionable to insult people and I played with wood every day. [..] I have always been in favor of equality [.. ] Of course, I regretted some things. “You were born in '65, when you grow up with this poison all the time, you have once again stood up properly, according to the social and political development of the time.” he added.

See the relevant excerpt here from Michalis Iatropoulos' interview: