February 20, 2024

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The rat print has become a monument in Chicago and has been loved by people from all over the planet

The rat print has become a monument in Chicago and has been loved by people from all over the planet

Things, as we know, are not going well on our planet, which lately seems like a big powder keg ready to explode at any moment and reduce us all to stardust.

News of a rat monument etched into the cement of a Chicago street may mean that humanity, for and against them, has come full circle. With all the violence and death that prevails, for example, in Gaza and Ukraine and is consumed daily in the media and social media, the world has gone crazy.

The story goes that someone in Chicago found a hole in the cement that was shaped like a rat that had probably been stepped on by the machine that was stepping on the cement, the dinosaurs that became fossils, leaving their shape forever in the concrete.

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The photo went viral, people recognized the site, and suddenly a strange “cult” of living footprints began. Some brought candles, others flowers, flags or fake cheese. Others, for some reason I cannot understand, consider the mouse hole in the floor to resemble the Trevi Fountain and throw coins at it to grant their wishes.

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From what we read on NBC:

“Growing concerns among neighborhood residents prompted a Chicago alderman to say the city is considering replacing the concrete slab containing the ‘mouse hole’ that has received national attention in recent years.”

However, before it was decided what the Chicago city authorities would do, some vandals (according to some fans of the “Monument”) went and filled the hole with some material and now, there seems to be no sign of the rodents.

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The comments below are from around the world, with everyone saying how angry they are at the efforts to plug the hole.

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“No no mouse hole”

“They literally live in Houston and I'm so angry about what they did to the rat hole.”

“I'm in Australia and I'm angry about the rat hole that was covered.”

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