May 21, 2024

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The right-hand rule – what it is and why all drivers should know it

The right-hand rule – what it is and why all drivers should know it

By keeping a very simple rule, drivers can be effective in saving a human life.

the traffic jam Not only does it deprive drivers of time during their daily commute, but it can do so at the same time Obstructs the movement of the ambulance Who fights to move to the point he caused incident.

The problem is exacerbated, especially since there is no road on it Emergency lane (ELA) Hence there is no S The necessary “corridor”. So that the ambulance can move smoothly.

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Therefore, in this case, all drivers using the road along which the ambulance passes must Move their carcreating a corridor of life.

Because cooperation between drivers – especially in emergency situations – It’s not always a simple matterWe offer him “right hand rule”, Marking the publication of the photo (see below) by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland.

Right hand rule

If we move to two lane road, The procedure is simple, as those moving in the left lane must move as far left as possible, and those in the right lane as far right as possible, so that the ambulance can pass between them.

My way now three lanes, The right hand rule gives the solution. Those moving in the left lane move to the left end of it (shown by the thumb of the right hand), and those moving in the other lanes move to the right end of their lane (shown by the “index” and “middle” fingers).

The same applies to the road Four lanes Traffic in every direction. Those who move to the left go as far left as possible and the rest move to the right (as indicated by the “index”, “middle” and “nevus” fingers).

So, as long as we store this specific rule in our memory, it will act if an ambulance approaches We know how to respond Providing valuable space for the driver to allow the car to pass without obstacles.

Finally, it should be noted that according to Article 44 “Emergency vehicles – road works”, any person who does not leave a place for the ambulance to pass is punished with an administrative fine of 150 euros.

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