April 13, 2024

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The scary reason why our eyes turn red in photos (video)

The scary reason why our eyes turn red in photos (video)

This strange phenomenon, which can turn a group photo into a gathering of seemingly possessed individuals, has a fascinating scientific explanation and is a bit disturbing to some.

phenomenon “Red eyes” in the pictures is a common frustration for anyone trying to catch her The perfect momentespecially in this era Social mediawhere all picture It is a potential job. This strange phenomenon, which can transform a group picture In a pool it seems Possessed peopleIt has a scientific explanation, which is both arousing But a little Worrying For some. Curiosity surrounding why our students are visible The red ones In flash images that led to a viral caption from TikToker Nicholas Grant, who delves into “Strange theories about videography“He provided a rather useful perspective on this visual oddity.

The origin of the phenomenonRed eyes» It lies in the conditions in which the photo is taken, especially in environments with… Low lighting. When taking a photo in a dimly lit room, the subject's pupils appear They expand To enter More light In the eye, which helps improve vision. However, Sudden flash The camera doesn't give the pupils enough time to contract, which opens the gate wide for flash light to penetrate deep into the eyes. The red glow that appears in many images is not just a reflection, but a glimpse from the back of the eye itself.

According to Nicholas Grant, the red color that appears in such photos is the result of the camera flash turning on the light. Interior to eyespecifically him Retinawhich is rich Blood vessels. This explanation has both intrigued and somewhat upset social media users, prompting some to reconsider their preference for well-lit photos over those taken in more forgiving, softer lighting conditions.

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phenomenon “Red eyes“It is a reminder of the complex ways in which our bodies interact with the tools we use to record our lives.