April 18, 2024

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The teacher fired because he asked the students to write their obituaries

The teacher fired because he asked the students to write their obituaries

A high school teacher in Florida has been fired after asking his students to do something very shocking. “Today was the last day of your life, write your obituary.”

An American high school psychology teacher in Florida, United States, has lost his job. The reason was the command he gave to his students with the subject of a special offer: “Today was the last day of your life, write your obituary.”

Jeffrey Kane, 63, made it clear in a Facebook message that he wanted to connect his lesson with an exercise designed to prepare students for the threat of a gun attack at their high school near Orlando, Florida.

Kane asked his students to write down their “impressions” associated with this simulation on paper and to think about the causes that lead to frequent massacres in the United States, and possible remedies for the causes, and thus imagine their afterlife.

“Thank you for realizing (…) that there was absolutely no intention of disturbing you,” a small note stated.

On Tuesday, April 4th it was fired!

In a press release reprinted in the US media, the school authorities accused him of assigning an “improper assignment” to his students. He defended his choice, speaking to local television networks. The goal was “not to scare them or make them think they’re going to die, but to help them understand what’s important in their lives,” he told NBC.

His dismissal “left him speechless” as he stated on Fox 5: “I used to talk to the students about the world they live in, about guns, about people who shoot…”!

United States: A “black” record of minor gun deaths

Guns became the leading cause of death among American minors in 2020, with 4,368 deaths, surpassing deaths from traffic accidents and drug overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

School bloodbaths are only a small part, but they have a much bigger impact.

The United States was fundamentally shocked by the massacres committed in 2012 at a school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut (with 20 children killed) and in May 2022 at a school in Uvalde, Texas (with 19 children and two teachers killed).

However, the majority of Americans are still staunch adherents to the right to bear arms and do not want to hear about reforms, not even a few.

Two Tennessee elected officials were recently evicted from their local legislature for joining their voices with protesters who went to the legislature to demand better gun regulations in the wake of the late March massacre at an elementary school in Nashville.

Source: APE-MEB