December 3, 2023

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The three transfers of Olympiacos, Felipe and Palomino, and a glimpse of the other positions and loanees

The three transfers of Olympiacos, Felipe and Palomino, and a glimpse of the other positions and loanees

Central defender. Middle, “6” and “8”. And a central striker. This is the ‘I want’ deal that Olympiacos has put forward, in light of the January transfer window. It’s not speculation. They are not “rumours” or “scenarios”. These are the priorities the club has set to enhance. Positions and profiles he is looking for. And what he really put on the table, he prepared all the relevant lists, with names from all over the world. As all serious bands do.

Transfers are not far away. On the contrary, we are getting closer. As we approach January 1st, it is clear that Olympiacos cannot remain idle. He cannot wait until the last minute to decide which player he wants, in what position and with what characteristics. The Red and White team has already started looking at the market. Basically, they never stopped, but now they are in the process of finalizing and preparing the names that will be included in the lists of positions that the club sees strengthening.

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Let’s clarify. The decision to help is a foregone conclusion. As is the case with everything related to positions. Everyone also agrees that Olympiacos needs to acquire players with specific characteristics in order to improve. There are no “holes” in his list. To raise the overall quality to its potential. With Antonio Cordon already speaking to the management, but also to the coach about the reinforcement plan. That’s why everything is prepared.

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Felipe is on the front line

Regarding the characteristics of footballers, Olympiacos wants a player in its defense who is a leader. A player like Felipe Augusto de Almeida. The Forest Stopper has been on the Nottingham-Piraeus route for some time now. Given that he may not be the first choice of the English club’s coaching staff following their summer additions, he is viewed (not unfairly) as a high-profile centre-back. Who last year, in the second half of the Premier League was one of the best in the league.

And who in a team like Olympiacos will make a big difference. And with his personality, and his performance, but also with his qualifications. There is talk about the transfer of the Brazilian goalkeeper. The most important (and perhaps only) problem is the fact that he does not have a European passport. But with information coming out that the 34-year-old defender, who has enjoyed an impressive career at Corinthians, Porto and Atletico Madrid, will not look down on his move to Piraeus. A move that will automatically change the defense level. From any point of view…

Palomino case

The second case, which has also been at the forefront of Olympiacos’ attention since the summer, is Jose Luis Palomino. The Big Port team tried to acquire him a few months ago, as it was decided that he perfectly fit the goalkeeper profile the team needed. He plays left-footed, with dynamism, a commanding presence, good with the ball at his feet, quick, but also cold in difficult moments. His contract with Atalanta expires in the summer, so his own case will only “play” for the transfer.

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Characteristics of medium and central attack

He’s also looking for a vehicle with modern features. Defensive midfielder, but also box to box. A two-in-one player who can fill the void of Ese or Mandy. Or play with them. Preferably young, as we have also seen from the Argentine’s case, moves that also look to the future may have a greater chance of success. Mainly, because of the players’ thirst for excellence. However, for the midfielder position, two players might be considered. One for “6” and one for “8”. This is currently unconfirmed.

Finally, it now seems clear that Olympiacos have opened their eyes to acquire a centre-forward with different characteristics than their potential already exists. A player to fill the Kaabi void when he leaves to participate in the Africa Cup of Nations throughout January and perhaps half of February. Maybe newer than existing ones. With different characteristics. But this particular project is not easy. Given the nature of the position, but also the fact that ‘opportunities’ and solutions are limited in January, this means it is more difficult to find the perfect profile.

Transfers and loans

It is an international practice for the vast majority of player transfers in the January transfer window to be made on loan. At the moment, Olympiacos cannot provide any loans. Because he “closed” all seven available positions, based on FIFA regulations. The positions are held by Richards, Alexandropoulos, Freire, Borusso, Scarpa, Pontins, and Solbakken.

This means that come January, the club will either have to acquire players only via transfers or free agents, or bring back some loanees. This second leg is not simple as there are terms and contracts. But on the other hand, if the “relationship” doesn’t work out, there is no reason not to continue. But at the moment no one can say with certainty what will happen, although some cases could see this development, under the circumstances.

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