June 23, 2024

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The voice of Zeta Macripolia with player Rock Zook

The voice of Zeta Macripolia with player Rock Zook

With the highly revealing look of the bouzouki, make impressions in ANT1 games!

The Rook Zook player impressed with her clothing choices on Monday afternoon.

The pretty blonde was wearing a T-shirt, she explained to Zita Macripolia, who was surprised and told her she was hot for a lunch show.

But the girl was not complicated, and after a while she revealed that in order to find the phrase “Collect even if you ask,” she would stop at the last phrase. As soon as everyone burst into laughter, he quickly explained: “Dad, let me explain to you, we made a joke!”

see her:

Let's also remember the former player who impressed us in Rook Zook and finally saw her a few months later on Survivor!

One of the most beautiful players we have seen in Rook Zook on ANT1 who managed to create a stir on social media with her appearance in the game, is preparing for Survivor!

After all, Marilena Faconedio, apart from being beautiful, is also very fit, since she works as a gymnast, and as she revealed to Zeta Macripolia, her plan is to be in America and work out Jennifer Lopez's butt!

Personal training is a way of life for her. So, by working for many years in this field and communicating with women and discussing with them their needs and desires, she ended up creating her own training system, the Glute Makeover System.

The beautiful gymnast was one of the first players we'll see on this year's Survivor Tour!

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