June 19, 2024

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There is a paid version of Google Chrome coming

There is a paid version of Google Chrome coming

The famous browser Google Chrome It will be done And Paid, offering a new optional premium version aimed at businesses.

Going into details, Google just announced this Chrome Enterprise Premium A new version of the program for institutions that want More security for their data, when their members browse the web. To improve security, Google takes various measures. For example, updates are made instantly and automatically to protect against new threats. Meanwhile, organizations can get custom location permissions on all the devices they manage. This version of Chrome will also automatically block any add-on that is suspected to be malicious, to protect organizations from these threats as well.

In fact, the premium version also includes data loss prevention features and has the ability to perform a deep scan for malware. Below you'll find the relevant announcement from Google and a description of Chrome Enterprise Premium features:

For your information, Google will also offer a basic version of Chrome Enterprise for businesses. This version will be free, but without many of the advanced features of Premium.

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