May 22, 2024

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There is no control over state exploitation.

There is no control over state exploitation.

Written by George Kraloglos

Who will finance the “Pharaonic” energy projects of the Greek Soviet? Its citizens are on their electricity bills and on the supermarket shelf.

Wind, photovoltaic and other parks that you can see from our Soviet Union. From our state and its strong hands in energy..

Action to see. Mainly in northern Greece by the state government. He works to impress the indigenous people and say “Look… where we live and we don't know that.”

The world is falling apart because of what is being done to renew energy sources and to show how good our children are in Brussels and how disciplined we are that we will reach and exceed the share of renewable energy to more than 20%.

So good and good so far.

But who will pay and who will continue to pay for these projects?

In any electricity bills we will see what is known as “…fees for electricity grid projects, electricity transmission fees, or new electricity grid connection projects…” or anyway, I don’t remember how we used to pay them years ago, hoping that one day our Soviets would find Another way to empty our pockets?

Do you know what the new tax will be called so that it will not seem bad to us who will pay it? “…generalization of the cost of interconnection projects in the system of modules of renewable energy sources, CHP, storage, HT consumers, thermal plants…”.

These are fees that, according to the industry, are (among the first to be charged) “…high transport network user fees…”

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The new “marble” for the state’s energy projects is worth about 400 million (in the first phase), and we will all pay for it from our pockets…

Out of one pocket… The state will take it directly from us so that its government can show its actions every time there is an election. We hope that the government will “dazzle” us so that we do not see the size of the new tax.

On the other hand, we will pay them through production, because in their electricity tariff it will be… come and see, with the tax.

And what will they do to manage as long as they are out… We will go to new industrial closures because new energy tariffs are not easy.

They will close our doors and send us to the imports where the other scoundrel… who the government is supposed to go after, before any elections… will pick us up…

Since yesterday, the industry and crafts of our country have begun to say explicitly that “…the necessity of this regulation must be reconsidered, because it undermines tariffs for all consumers, and transfers significant costs to the categories of producers concerned.” To fees for using the transport network, “which will already be burdened by the cost of necessary inter-island projects for the next decade…”

We say this. We had no hope of finding a government that would put obscene profits in its place. But the government may place hopes on the state, and with these profits it will reduce taxes and change capital taxes and unacceptable fees such as energy and what we had from the dirty state profit… What do we see? Let us ultimately continue to pay (in fees) for any new energy projects that Greece prepares for us.

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