April 13, 2024

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There's a free game hiding inside Instagram – here's how to find it

There's a free game hiding inside Instagram – here's how to find it

the dead It has found different ways to keep its users busy Facebook And Instagram in the relevant applications. Gaming in particular has been around on Facebook for years and attracts millions of users a month, but without the glamor or popularity it once had (see the times people melted over Farmville).

the Instagram But in complete silence He has hidden a game inside his app, which seems perfect for killing time while waiting. Specifically, it is one A mini game starring your favorite emoji -Yes, the one on your mobile phone keyboard.

How do you find the hidden Instagram game?

Concerned emoji game It's hidden in Instagram DMs, i.e. in every chat (conversation) you open with another user, friend or acquaintance. It also works Only within the Instagram app on iOS and Android devices.

To find it you have to open any message and in the text field send any emoji you want (It seems to work with everything). The next step is Press and hold the emoji you just sent (For example when you want to copy or unsend it using Unsend).

Immediately after that, one will open New window and you will be taken to the private environment of the gamewhich if you are a good enough player you will see the transformation.

The game itself is the simplest and most dependable game out there Breakout (by Atari) but it's also reminiscent of the very classic game of “Pong”.. Basically, using your finger you control the panel at the bottom through which you can nudge the respective emoji in the direction. The longer you keep making the emoji bounce from wall to wall, the more points you'll earn. Warning: The degree of difficulty increases as the emoji will move faster and faster, and even change their appearance, while the wallpaper will display similar dark colors.

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