October 4, 2023

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There’s the worst new game ever on Steam

There’s the worst new game ever on Steam

a few hours ago Blizzard It has made good on its promise to bring its games to Steam beyond Battle.net, providing more options for PC gamers. Specifically, the beginning was with Monitoring 2welcomed by the community…Don’t open her arms. Quite the opposite actually happened, as the players immediately gathered their forces and started Extreme review bombing.

Going into detail, just a few days after the outcry over Diablo 4 nerfs, Blizzard is facing another explosion of negativity. In particular, her shooting champion title broke an unflattering record, with more than 70,000 reviews The worst game ever on Steam.

Specifically, of the 77,698 players who posted comments about the title on the Valve platform, only 9% rated the experience positively. The vast majority of user reviews are “extremely negative”with complaints about the game itself, but also about Blizzard’s general direction.

So, according to stats site Steam250, Overwatch 2 has dethroned War of the Three Kingdoms released in December 2021 as the worst-rated new game of all time. Below you can see the list as it is now, after the arrival of the new “king”.

The 10 worst games ever on Steam, according to user reviews:

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