June 23, 2024

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These are the 5 most expensive Ferrari cars in the world

These are the 5 most expensive Ferrari cars in the world

All her cars Ferrari They are expensive. It was, is, and will be in the future. But which models built are the most expensive of all? Our minds go somewhere.

The record for the most expensive car from the legendary Italian sports car company may change, but it appears the title rightfully belongs to… 250 GTO. the 2014 a Berlinetta to 1962 Sold at auction by the house Bonhams in California to $38,115,000. He had participated in it a trip to France the cars In the same year locksmith Behind the wheel and done second.

They were created 36 Ferrari 250 GTO And 2018 Ownership of one of them, the third, has been transferred RM Sotheby's Monterey to $48,405,000. This model (one of four with body Series II GTO/64) He obtained the certificate Classic Ferrari It has been declared one of the finest pieces still in existence.

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It may not be the most expensive but it is November to 2023another one 250
GTO (a series I GTOwith frame number 3765), reached an amazing amount of 51.7 million. He was the only one of his generation equipped with it Fifth12 to 4 litressince it was later replaced by 3 litres Colombo.

A model of it 1963 occupy Second place In the list. He was 2013 When intercourse Paul Pappalardo parted for 52 million. He had previously competed in several races. It should be noted that this 250 GTO It has been designed specifically for this category Group 3 GT And when they are new they cost in United States of America Just $18,500.

Ferrari 250 GT or c

The most expensive
Ferrari Which ever sold can only be… 250 GTO. the David MacNeil,
And Founder Ha WeatherTechspend $70,000,000 the 2018 To make the person with the frame number their own 4153. The artwork stands out because it does Silver color with Tricolor ribbon
To pass across his body, like the French flag. Under the hood is of course 3 liters Fifth12