November 28, 2023

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They have ‘locked down’ the three new measures against punctuality – what is changing in supermarkets

They have ‘locked down’ the three new measures against punctuality – what is changing in supermarkets

In the context of initiatives taken by government employees to protect consumers from severe inflationary pressures, Development Minister Kostas Skrikas signed 3 ministerial decisions on measures against punctuality.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry, the Minister of Development signed the following ministerial decisions:

1. “Permanent price reduction” initiative with a private label

The relevant ministerial decision clarifies the process of sending commitment documents from manufacturers or wholesale consumer products to the Ministry of Development, in addition to placing special labels on products participating in the initiative.

  • Companies that manufacture or wholesale consumer products that will participate in the “Permanent Price Reduction” initiative must submit by November 30 Written commitment In the Ministry of Development. The shelf price on 9/19/23 will be considered the reference price for calculating the discount.
  • Supermarkets are required to place a special sign on the shelves of discounted products with specific signs and specifications, as stated in the new ministerial decision.
  • The Inter-Agency Market Surveillance Unit (DIMEA) is the agency responsible for imposing sanctions, in the event that a company falsely declares that it has initiated a price reduction.

2. Obliging supermarkets to notify the Ministry of Development of an increase in the prices of products necessary for a decent living or of products in high demand.

The ministerial decision specifies the product categories for which price increases will be announced by supermarkets whose total annual sales exceed 90 million euros and indicates how to send them to the Ministry of Development.

• Announcements of any increase in the prices of products necessary for a decent living or products in high demand will be sent to the Ministry of Development every Tuesday, until 15:00.

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• If the debtor conceals, falsifies or fails to provide information, a fine of €50,000 is imposed by the Inter-Agency Market Surveillance Unit (DIMEA).

Product category not available

1 rice

2 bread for toast

3 loaves of bread

4 toast

5 spaghetti-shaped pasta

6 flour

7 legumes

8 Paris

9 Türkiye (cold meat)

10 frozen fish

11 fresh pork

12 pieces of chicken and fresh chicken pieces

13 fresh beef

14 Fresh whole milk

15 fresh low-fat milk

16 Ultra-pasteurized whole milk (long life).

17 Ultra-pasteurized low-fat milk (long life).

18 Evaporated milk

19 Unflavored cow’s milk yogurt

20 containers of low-fat, unflavored cow’s milk yogurt

21 pieces of feta cheese slices

22 white cheese

23 Gouda cheese

24 low-fat cheese

25 preserved tomato juice

26 eggs

27 ghee

28 butter

29 Olive oil

30 sunflower oil

30 frozen vegetables

31 white sugar

32 diabetic-friendly sweeteners (such as stevia)

33 oat products

34 baby cream

35 Baby formula

36 Greek coffee

37 instant coffee

38 French coffee

39 Orange juice

40 soft drinks

41 beer

42 water

43 chocolate

44 Fuel (firewood, pellets, briquettes)

45 Laundry detergents (liquid and powder – not tablets)

46 Detergents for wiping and cleaning surfaces – bleaches

47 dishwashing detergents for hand washing

48 kitchen paper

49 toilet paper

50 toothpaste

51 Sanitary pads or tampons

52 shampoo

53 solid state soaps

54 incontinence diapers

55 baby diapers

56 baby wet wipes

57 Baby shampoo

58 dog food

59 Cat food

3. Commitment to announcing retail sales prices for fruit and vegetable products

The ministerial decision specifies the categories of fruit and vegetable products whose retail prices will be announced to the Ministry of Development

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• Indicative retail sales price announcements for fruit and vegetable products will be sent every Tuesday at 09:00 via the digital platform

• The Ministry of Development can announce the prevailing price range in stores either via the digital platform e-katanalotis, or on the website of the General Secretariat of Trade.


1 grape

2 lemons

3 bananas

4 Valencia oranges

5 tangerines

6 pears

7 apples

7.1 Delicious golden apples

7.2 Granny Smith apples

7.3 Delicious Starkin apples

7.4 Party Apples

8 pomegranate seeds


9 mushrooms

10 artichokes

11 tomatoes

12 cherry tomatoes

13 options

14 percussion

15 lettuce

16 missiles

17 potatoes

17.1 Cyprus potatoes

17.2 Home potatoes

17.3 Imported potatoes

18 garlic (pcs)

19 dry onions

20 fresh onions

21 spinach

22 beets

23 carrots

24 radishes

25 cabbage

26 cauliflower

27 broccoli

28 pepper

28.1 Coarse pepper

28.2 long pepper

29 eggplant

30 parsley

31 Aenethos

32 Celery

33 beans

Development Minister Kostas Skrikas said: “The government is promoting three new measures in the battle against punctuality. From the end of October, consumers will be able to find special labels on supermarket shelves on products whose suppliers have reduced their prices by at least 5% and for a period of time.” At least 6 months, to support the consumer public in this difficult time.

At the same time, and consistent with our commitment to due diligence throughout the supply chain, we collect regular updates from supermarkets on potential price rises on key consumer products.

We are building a firewall against the wave of precision hitting society, and taking pioneering measures that no other country in Europe has taken. We support and will continue to support the Greek family, especially the most vulnerable, in every possible way.”

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