June 19, 2024

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They placed five coffins bearing the French flag on suspicion of Russian involvement

They placed five coffins bearing the French flag on suspicion of Russian involvement

French police were alerted when five coffins covered with the French flag were placed in the coffins Eiffel tower, weekend. Each of them bore the inscription “French soldiers in Ukraine”, which raises suspicions Russian intervention.

Three men have been formally placed under investigation, which amounts to an indictment under French law.

The inscription refers to the French president Emmanuel Macron, He did not rule out sending Western forces to Kiev, and Moscow warned him of the danger of that.

The incident occurred after talks between Ministers Amine france ukraine, During which the possibility of France sending military trainers to Ukraine to train its forces was discussed.

French investigators are investigating links between a suspect and the vandalism of his memorial The Holocaust in Paris A week ago, when some painted 35 red hands on the memorial, which honors people who saved Jews from persecution during the Nazi occupation of France in 1940-44.

What did a 34 year old man who was arrested say

On Saturday, surveillance cameras showed a white pickup truck Bulgarian license plates To stop nearby Eiffel tower Two men remove the coffins from the car.

Driver, 34-year-old Bulgarian citizen, He was subsequently arrested and told police that he had been paid to transport the coffins to the French capital. He said that he arrived in Paris from Bulgaria the night before and met the other two suspects – one of them German And one Ukrainian – who traveled to France separately. They were later arrested at a bus station in Paris as they were about to board a bus to Berlin.

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The three claimed that they had received money to leave the coffins at the site, while claiming that they were unemployed and therefore in need of money. Le Parisien newspaper reported that the driver and the German were also subject to a deportation order from France. The report stated that police sources confirmed that one of the three detainees is being investigated in connection with the red hand writing on the walls.

Investigators said last week that they had identified three suspects in vandalizing the monument, who had traveled to Paris from Bulgaria. They are also investigating whether there is a connection to an incident that occurred last October when a couple… moldova, Who was arrested after engraving 250 Stars of David on various walls in the French capital, told police that this was done on the commission of a former pro-Russian politician from his homeland.

Le Monde newspaper reported that a memo from France’s domestic intelligence agency, the DGSE, indicated that the operation was coordinated by Russia’s FSB intelligence service.

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