June 16, 2024

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They were “afraid” in Hajduk with Constantia

They were “afraid” in Hajduk with Constantia

The appearance of Yanis Constantia in Israel against Beitar Jerusalem and in Split against Hajduk (especially in the first half of the last match) “scared” the representatives of the Croatian national team. Mainly because they realized that the first danger to Hajduk was young ace PAOK.

in Jerusalem in the short time he’s competed, he’s brought out the “up-down” with his performance. He scored a goal, rightfully PAOK’s third after … a World Cup match in which he played and essentially put the “icing on the cake” of Dikvalos’ victory – qualification. The other day in Split, despite the hostile atmosphere that prevailed, Constantilias, especially in the first half, tried to inflict damage. True, some stages did not “work out”, but whenever the ball was at his feet, two and three opponents “fell” on him to watch.

The main attacking efforts started from the feet of “Delia”, but the goal – unfortunately for PAOK – did not come. In Hajduk, they search for the antidote, which effectively singles out the young man. They know that the energy he gives to the team is great, and they know that Tomba’s strength can draw all Dikefalos players to their side and make them perform better. At the moment, for the Croats, he is the most dangerous PAOK player before the second match.

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